Monthly Archives: March 2011

Spring Break: Two Weeks of Freedom!


My spring break was filled with laughs, relaxation, excitement and so many other great things! Spring break is usually about having a blast, not being in school having to worry about homework or a big test. That’s just what I did, and man oh man was it awesome! The first thing I did during spring break was playing on my trampoline with my brother Dylan. We spent hours jumping up and down over and over again. I learned how to do a handstand right after doing a knee drop. I have to admit I’m sort of obsessed!

Me doing my handstand!

The second fun thing I did was watch some really good movies with my friends and family. The first movie I watched was Beastly. I went to see it with my friend Jade in the theater . We both had a really great time. The other movie I watched was with my mom. We watched Friday the 13th, which is the cheesiest horror movie ever! If you like to laugh then this movie is definitely one you should watch.

Last but not least, I celebrated my mom’s and my birthday over spring break. I got lots of cards, gifts and time spent with my family. An example of a gift I got was Bruno Mars tickets!! I also got his CD so I can memorize the songs.. I CAN’T WAIT!

I'm going to see him!


As you can see I had a great spring break… I’m looking forward to next year.