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Mr.Bill: Life With A Fat Cat


Some kittens are so sweet and cuddly. Cats are known as being the cutest little things, your best friend. Well, my cat is like that to me. But anyone else in the world?! No way. This paragraph will tell you everything about my life with a fat cat that is only nice to one person: ME!

The first thing you should know about my cat is that he is super fat. I am not kidding when I say he is probably as big as a golden lab puppy! Last time we weighed him he was 29 pounds!! Whenever any of my friends come over to my house they all think he is pretty freaky! Now, Mr.Bill was not born with lets say, “weight problems”. Mr.Bill became obbsessed with food when he was an older kitten. I don’t know what happened but the weight gained fast. Sometimes his obbsession can go a little overboard. For example, I have been woken up many, many, MANY times in the middle of the night because he wants food. If you don’t give him food right away, the claws come out.. Yes, it is not a pleasant experience!

See How Fat He Is?

The second thing you should know about Mr.Bill is he may look fierce but he really is just a big wimp! Sure, he may hiss at the mailman and caught a bird once, but if a cat were to approach him, even if it was just a kitten (ex. Halle’s kitten Popcorn) he would dash back into the house meowing and fluffed up. An example of a time when he freaked out for no good reason was when my mom had this big winter jacket, whenever she zipped it up, he would freak out and hide downstairs for the rest of the day.. Real manly huh?

Don't Worry.. He's Only Yawning!

The final thing (and the most important) you should know about my cat is he is really an awesome cat, just like any other cat out there! Why?? Well, even though he may not be nice to anyone else… ever, he still cuddles up with me and acts like the sweet little guy he really is. I think people are sometimes scared of him because he looks pretty massive and grumpy. I understand that, but he runs up and down the hall playing, vibrates crazily when he purrs and even lets me brush him and pick him up so he can sit on my lap! One of the cutest things he has done actually happened this morning! I was going to sleep after watching the Royal Wedding (it was 4 in the morning) and Mr.Bill jumped up on my bed, ran up to my head and fell asleep lying on my arm!! OK, so I didn’t get the best sleep but the thought it what really counts right??

Mr.Bill Sleeping

I hope you enjoyed the untold story of life with a fat cat!!! 🙂


Public Speaking: Why Animals Shouldn’t Be Kept In Zoos


The zoo, an educational experience or an animal’s worst nightmare? Have you ever looked closely at the zoo? Have you ever thought about how these animals should be kept in the wild? Put yourself in their shoes and see what they go through everyday for our entertainment. Chairperson, Honourable Judges, Ladies and Gentleman, Teachers and Fellow Students, animals shouldn’t be kept in zoos because they are moved from their family, trapped in cages and hurt by us, humans.

Separation is hard for an animal. First of all, moving an animal from it’s natural habitat leaves lots to go wrong. Climate and temperature change have a big role in this. A few zoos in Canada have an animal from almost every climate. That’s alought to keep track of! In addition to climate change, when you move an animal from it’s family you are taking it away from it’s home and the place it’s always known. Picture a baby lion cub being taken away from it’s family. It will never learn the skills it needs to survive in the wild. Now imagine the stressful transportation  needed to move an animal from the wild to a zoo. Transportation usually involves needles to calm the animal down, having it be thrown into a back of a truck and having the animal waking up confused in a cage. These are all good reasons why animals should be left in the wild.

It is proven that cages are bad for an animal. In such a small space, an animal will have less exercise which will make it become weak. For example, a cheetah in the wild can run for as long as it wants, wherever it wants, which isn’t possible inside a small cage. Another reason cages are bad for animals is some zoo employees are careless and put animals beside predators! Imagine what a mountain goat would feel like being beside it’s worst enemy, a mountain lion. The lion would be growling and there would be nothing the goat could do about it. Finally, animals feel trapped in such small environments like cages. In a cage an animal has no den to hide in or a tree to climb. So it just has to sit there and be frightened, hopeless. If there were no cages in zoos animals would be much happier.

Have you ever heard that the human race puts animals in danger? It’s true! To start, taking pictures of animals in the zoo can harm them because flashes can scare animals. When most animals are first born, their eyes are closed. So flashes to such sensitive eyes could be blinding. Next, zoos are made to attract tourists and make money. In most cases, money usually comes before animals in zoos. Many years ago you could pay to ride an elephant at the zoo. The worst part is that the elephant was only a baby! Most importantly, people let out deadly chemicals that can harm animals. Some of these chemicals include cigarette smoke and car fumes. There is no hope that  these chemicals will stop because they are part of many people’s everyday lifestyle. The fact is, animals are a big responsibility that we, humans, aren’t ready to handle.

It may seem like a good idea to go to the zoo but your actually supporting harm to animals. It is not right to keep animals in zoos because they are taken from their family, crammed in cages and hurt by humans. Think about how these animals have lost everything and what you can do to make a difference!!

The Royal Wedding: Why It Was So Amazing!


Picture this: My IPod alarm goes off at 2 in the morning. I wake up, push my fat cat out of my way and  wake my mom up to see the event on TV that I had been waiting for since FOREVER! That event was, The Royal Wedding! Even though I woke up super early (on a school day ) and stayed awake until 4 in the morning it was more than 100% worth it!

The first thing about the Royal Wedding that made it unforgettable was the arrivals of all the guests, the queen and the groom and bride themselves! I thought it was really amazing to see such fantastic people drive down the streets, waving and having people cheer them on from the moment they got into their cars until they arrived at the wedding. I really liked seeing Prince William (the groom) come driving down in a black car with his brother, Prince Harry. Both of them were looking very excited and very handsome! I adored Prince William’s red jacket.. It was so colourful and out there! WAY TO GO! 🙂

Prince William's Amazing Suit

The second thing that was awesome about the wedding was Kate Middleton’s (the bride) beautiful dress! From the lace t the top to the 2 and a half meter long train at the end, it truly was the most amazing wedding dress I have ever seen. I think Kate loved her dress and she was wearing a huge smile on her face the whole reception. I truly realized that this girl was living a real life fairytale and I was actually witnessing it! That was the part that really left me in awe. I was totally wishing I was her at that moment.

The Wedding Dress!!

The last reason I thought the wedding would be a dream wedding is because of the royal couple. That may sound strange because every wedding has a couple.. but this couple is a bit different… at least in my eyes! I think that William and Kate really go well together. They both seem very happy and good people. Their relationship really popped for me when some guy (sorry, that’s pretty informal..) was talking about something (how informal again! :-/)  and both of them looked over at each other at the same time, and you should have seen the huge smiles that appeared on both of their faces! It was priceless. My definition of the couple is: HAPPY EVER AFTER!!! ❤

The Kiss After The Wedding

Through all that happened last night and what I saw from the footage of the wedding, getting up and being totally sleepy for the rest of my life was worth it to see to people that loved each other very much, get married and get to see it go down in history!!

Independent Reading Journal #4: Squirrels


Question: Write three interesting facts (with examples) about the book

Title: Squirrels Author: Justine Ciovacco

A.R Level: 4.7 Points: 0.5

Before I read this book I thought squirrels were kind of useless. But learning new things about an animal can make a huge difference about what you think about an animal. The first interesting thing I learned in my book is that the fluffy tail on a squirrel isn’t just for decoration. A squirrel’s tail can actually be very helpful to the animal! An example of what it can do to help is it can be used as a blanket to keep warm or it can help the squirrel keep it’s balance. The second interesting thing I learned is squirrels have a terrible memory. According to scientists, if squirrels didn’t have such a great sense of smell, they would probably starve! An example of how smell helps squirrels is squirrels forget where they bury nuts, but the smell of it’s own saliva coating can lead the squirrel to hidden food. The last interesting thing I learned about squirrels is they are spread out all over the world! I thought squirrels were just in North America, but it turns out they are practically EVERYWHERE. Some examples of places I never thought squirrels would be are Asia, Africa and up in the Arctic! The weird thing is that there is NONE in Australia. Can you see why I like squirrels now? They are very interesting animals and I learned lots about them in this book.

Independent Reading Journal #3: The Giving Tree


Question: What is the author trying to say about life?

Title: The Giving Tree  Author: Shel Silverstein

A.R Level: 2.6 Points: 0.5

In the book “The Giving Tree” I think the author was talking about what the gift of friendship is. The first way the tree in the story showed true friendship is it was tolerant of the little boy. I think the tree really knew friendship is too strong for hate. An example of this is when the boy carved a heart sign right onto the tree and it didn’t get upset. The second way the tree in the story showed it was a good friend is it was happy when the boy was happy. The tree really put the boy before itself. An example of this is when the boy needed money and the tree gave him apples to sell. This made the boy happy, which made the tree happy. The last way the tree was a great friend is he was always there for the boy. Even though the boy took everything from the tree, who is now a stump, still let the boy sit on it so he wouldn’t get tired. That’s true friendship! I really think the author explained friendship and what is means very well.

My Easter: A Canadian Twist!


Easter is definitely a great holiday to spend time with family and even get some time off of school! Many people celebrate Easter with chocolate, bunnies and spring activities. I mean, mine included chocolates and spring activities but with a good Canadian twist!

The first thing I did over my Easter weekend was celebrate with my family at two different Easter dinners. The first Easter dinner was at my grandma’s house in Chilliwack. It was very traditional, with turkey, stuffing and all the Easter dinner basics. I had a great time! But the “Canadian Twist” was most definitely in the second Easter dinner that I had with my Granny and Grandpa here in Abbotsford! Instead of sitting at a dining room table and talking.. we did something much better! My grandpa took a TV out from another room and put it on the table in the living room. We all sat in chairs, huddled around the TV watching the Canucks. We all cheered, sighed and were on the edges on our seats at the overtime. I really think our “Canadian Sides” came out that night!

The second thing I did on my Easter Weekend was go to the best city ever: Vancouver! My family all crammed into our car and drove a painful hour and a half into the heart of Vancouver. But I can tell you one thing… It was worth it! Once we got into Vancouver we headed straight to China Town to see if we could find any neat things for our bedrooms. We looked through tons of stores that were filled with lanterns, Chinese dragons and other funky things. Too bad I didn’t get anything! But while we were in China Town we went into a magnificent Chinese Garden that was in the middle of the city! When I entered through the large gates I saw many gardens with bamboo and a pond filled with koi fish and turtles. It was truly amazing and extremely beautiful! After that, we got in the car and drove to Granville Island, one of my favourite parts of Vancouver. We sat at a dock overlooking False Creek and went into tons of stores. I really noticed how beautiful Vancouver really was that day. The last place we went to in Vancouver was Ikea. Yes, I was wondering how many more stores I could go to as well! We went through the whole store searching for something perfect for our rooms. We found them! Dylan and I (Dylan is my brother) got lamps that you hang on your walls! My brother got a star shaped one and I got one that was shaped as a flower! The cool thing about mine is that the cord is green so it looks like the stem of the flower. After that we went home and I fell asleep faster than I thought was humanly possible!

Turtles At The Chinese Garden


The last thing I did over the Easter Weekend was homework! You might be asking yourself, “Why is HOMEWORK one of the things your talking about in your paragraph?!” Well, I thought it would fit since I worked on homework for practicly a whole school day. I went over to Hannah’s house and worked on our series circuit, which took quite awhile! We put pictures of all the artists we had, plus we rewired the whole circuit! Yeah, I was tired at the end of the day! We worked really well as a team though and even had some fun doing it. I’m really glad we worked on it because we felt awesome about our circuit at the end of all of it. One of the good things about this was Hannah and I had supper at her house. We watched “Dancing With The Stars” until Taylor (one of our friends in Green House) came over to watch a movie! We got a break that we totally deserved!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Easter Weekend! What did all of you guys do over the long weekend? I would love to hear! 🙂 Thanks

Singers: My Top Three!


Everyone has their favourite singers. I don’t think the music world could live without mine… How about yours?? These next people are my favourite singers, have sang my favourite songs and are very talented!

My first favourite singer is Justin Bieber. Yes, you can say I have Bieber Fever. Everything from his songs, dance moves and talent truly makes him my favourite singer. Everyone thinks he is terrible (by everyone I mean most guys in our class)… but really, people don’t know about his life story enough to judge. One example that shows how awesome he is, is he taught himself to play all the instruments he plays now (so guitar, drums, piano and much more!) I think anyone and everyone (if you like him or not) should watch Justin’s life documentary, “Never Say Never” to learn about how he is just a small town Canadian boy that had a dream that came true!

My second favourite singer is definatly Bruno Mars! He has such talent and great songs! My favourite song by him is “The Other Side” (that he also sings with Ce-Lo Green and B.O.B). An example of why I think he is truly talented is he doesn’t use a voice changer in his songs… All his songs have storys that people can really relate to.. not to mention DANCE to!! Some of you guys might be thinking, “Ummmm what got you so intrested in him?” Well, I got tickets to see him in Vancouver on June 3rd.. Yeah, I’m super excited!!

My third favourite singer is Lady Gaga. (Austin, please don’t freak 🙂 ) I really honestly look up to her because she has such uniqueness and daring sense of fashion. Not to mention her fabulous songs that wow all her fans (A.K.A: Little Monsters). My favourite song by Lady Gaga is probably “Born This Way” because it basically says in the song that you should be yourself and like who you are.. I also really liked her meat dress. I found it totally amazing!

So those are all my favourite singers! I would love to hear your feedback on these artists and who are your top 3???