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The World: How I Can Make It A Better Place.


Everyone wants to make a difference in the world, including me! What if there was no such thing as a “bad day” or a “world disaster”? I think this is possible and that even though we are kids, we can help make the world a little brighter and easier to enjoy.

The first way I can make a difference in this world is by being positive rather than being negative and not fun to be around. Even if this doesn’t help people around you (which it should) it makes you, yourself, feel better and maybe make your day better. For example, if everyone is grumpy because the Canucks didn’t win the Stanley Cup, you can find something good about the situation. You could say that they still got really far in the playoffs or maybe “Better luck next time!” All these little comments can make people feel better or think in a positive way about a disappointing situation.

Be Positive!

The second way I can make the world a better place is by using the virtue of giving. We may feel life can sometimes be difficult or unfair but many people really don’t have enough to live. There are homeless people for example that would appreciate anything at all to help them stay dry or less starved. An example of a time I did this was when Christmas was just around the corner. I had saved lots of money from babysitting and allowance that really, I didn’t need when Christmas gifts were so close. I decided I would spend more than half of my savings on canned foods to donate to the food bank. I felt really good that I was giving back to people who really needed it. I got praised for doing this but I didn’t want any of it, I just wanted to make sure many people got a Christmas dinner. As you can tell, anyone can make a change, big or small.

Give To The Hungry And Homeless!

The last way I can make a difference is by recycling. I think this can help the physical environment because it can prevent bottles going into the oceans, dumps and forest lands. I think this is the most important form of changing the world because it impacts everyone from homeless people to everyday students such as myself. Recycling is also something that everyone can do because it doesn’t take any skill AT ALL and it has a big effect on our earth! Some ways you can recycle is by sending empty juice boxes and pop cans to the Bottle Depot so they can be turned into other helpful things such as toilet paper or even more juice boxes! I think this is very amazing because not only do you get rid of harmful things for the environment but also changing these things into more materials to help the environment on a completely other level. An example of what can happen if you don’t recycle is little sea turtles can think that the colourful labels of your not recycled juice box are small fish that they eat to survive. Overall, they end up dying because they try to eat the container and choke or they could digest it and get poisons into their blood stream or digestive system! This is preventable by recycling and I really think that we can all make a difference by doing this small activity daily.

Reduce Reuse RECYCLE!


Narnia: Why It IS A Real Place!


You run onto the field with a huge group of friends. Once your shoes hit the wet grass you begin to spin round and round until you fall over laughing insanely. You go again and again until you hear the dreaded bell ring to go inside. This is something familiar to many of the people in our class. This is the journey to NARNIA! Every time we look up at the sky we see the magical Aslan lion looking down on his people, wanting them to return as soon as possible. The following is a happy paragraph about how Narnia is a real place that everyone was meant to enjoy (exept the non-believers.) Step into the world of Narnia with me and see how even if you don’t believe now, you soon will! 🙂

The first thing about Narnia that is so amazing is it has magical creatures that are just one word: AMAZING! When some of the best narnians here at W.A Fraser (not to name anyone but Veda, Halle, Me, Chloe…) go to narnia we are welcomed by Aslan (our leader) and many other magical creatures. I would name off many, many of them but every narnian is different and have their own creatures that like to lead them to different places in this magical land! I like that no matter what happens there are fun animals/people/unknown out there in the sky and world of narnia wil always be there unless you bring unknown beasts (like wonderlanders or grey blobs) to the best place ever!

The second reason Narnia is fantastic is it is better than any of the competing lands such as WONDERLAND! I have an extreme hate for wonderland because it is a total rip off and there is no way that it is better than the land of Narnia. I mean, wonderland is all overgrown wolves and candy canes that are total blow offs from the $ store! On the other hand Narnia is a high class place to spend your time and there is no way that any wonderlanders will take over because we have magical flying guards that keep us magical people safe! I am very happy to be a narnian and we even have a finkleball team that won the Navy cup!

All these things are very true and I hope you love Narnia as much as I do! 🙂

25 Songs: Some Worth The $1.29 On ITunes!


Music is amazing and I’m sure all of you agree! I am going to list many, MANY songs that I LOVE and I think lots of you (Div.17) will like too. I think these are good songs to post on the blog because they are of many different varieties for the die hard pop listeners, the rockers and the dancers! Here they are! (By the way, they are not in order from best to worst!):

1: Not Your Birthday By: Allstar Weekend (This is great for dancing alone in your room in front of your mirror.. hehe)

2. Rolling In The Deep By: Adele (Has great lyrics and some really awesome guitar strums!)

3. All Day By: Cody Simpson (Has a Bieber sound but with some different unique things!!)

4. Just Can’t Get Enough By: The Black Eyed Peas (The Black Eyed Peas have done it again and made an overnight top chart song!)

5. Who Says By: Selena Gomez (A great feel good song that brings self confidence over the roof!)

6. Grenade By: Bruno Mars (A great beat and amazing music video!)

7. Jar Of Hearts By: Christina Perri (A slow sappy song but it is very catchy!)

8. Don’t Stop Believing By: Journey (Good classic that is totally amazing!)

9. Just The Way You Are By: Bruno Mars (Bruno’s first hit that is one of my favourites!)

10. E.T By: Katy Perry feat Kanye West (Like I said, best song ever)

11. The Lazy Song By: Bruno Mars (The perfect “Couch Potato” theme song!)

12. The Battle From: The Narnia Soundtrack (A song that makes you feel like your IN Narnia!! 🙂 )

13. Songbird By: Fleetwood Mac (An oldie, but it is a classic romance!)

14. Friday By: Glee Cast (Glee makes this song amazing!)

15. Thriller By: Michael Jackson (A great song that you should play on Halloween!)

16. Hold My Hand By: Michael Jackson feat. Akon (A song that lets us remember MJ and love him even more!)

17. Bigger By: Justin Bieber (An older Bieber song that is very, very catchy!)

18. The Llama Song By: Llamas? (Look it up on Youtube.. too amazing to describe!)

19. Price Tag By: Jessi J feat. B.O.B (A great song that keeps you smiling)

20. U Smile By: Justin Bieber (One song dedicated to his beliebers!)

21. Burnin’ Up By: The Jonas Brothers (Brings back memories from Grade 3 and 4.. haha)

22. Loser Like Me By: Glee Cast (Their first original song, love it!)

23. On The Floor By: Jennifer Lopez feat Pitbull (You can dance to this one!)

24. Born This Way By: Lady GaGa (A feel good song that is totally GaGa!)

25. You and I By: Lady Gaga (Fun song from her new album! It’s new and ready to be bought! 😀 )

And there you go! Those are all 25 great songs I can think of off the top of my head! Please comment all you music lovers and please say which you think is the best (EXPLAIN) and tell me some that you think I should add!! 🙂

We All Love Music!

The Holocaust: How WE Can Prevent It From Happening Again.


Definition For “The Holocaust”: The systematic mass slaughter of European Jews in Nazi concentration camps during World War II**

The Holocaust was a terrible thing. Something that killed millions, scarred families and was basically a form of hate on such a large level that it is almost unthinkable. Ever think that this is something that if repeated right now, you could never prevent or stop? Do you feel that this is the one thing that would stop you from freedom and living?! Let me tell you right now, it doesn’t have to be like that. If the Holocaust happened again, right now, I would be more prepared than I was before I learned about it! We, children, are the people who can stop this disaster from happening again! I know it may sound crazy but it is really true! The first way we can prevent something similar to the Holocaust from happening again is to stand up for what we believe in whenever necessary! Being bullied? Being picked last for a game in gym? Getting blamed for something you did not commit? In all these situations and many more you need to say, “No.” or say everything you are feeling then and there! If anyone takes control of you or is treating you unfairly you can’t just back away and let it escalate, become worse and turn into something that after time, nobody can deal with! I think this has to relate to the Holocaust because didn’t all the Jewish do the exact opposite? Because Hitler was so powerful they were afraid (rightfully so) and let it continue because they knew the consequences could lead to death. When you speak your opinion right when a problem is beginning, it can stop it right away or give whoever is doing the bad thing an idea that “Hey, this person is serious.” I think that if all the people in the class do this and follow this rule they are al closer to stopping bad things from happening and technically making sure that problems don’t build up to such terrible things like the Holocaust! The second way I think we, Grade 6 students, can stop a terrible thing like the Holocaust from happening is to never in a million years be racist. I truly hate all people who treat others differently because of their beliefs, religion, race or skin colour! I think it is an unfair way to treat the human race and that nobody should do it. Ever. Don’t you think that we all have the right to be treated the same as everyone else? I do. I also think that Hitler was a major racist. When this was happening he said that Germans were the ultimate race (a lie) and this meant that the “enemies” were the Jewish citizens. This racism wasn’t just the small things that may happen in middle schools as we all know. It makes me sad just to think that this even happened. I really don’t like it 😦 I hope we have all learned from this sad story (for example, Hana’s Suitcase) that this was not a fair way of living for all the Jewish citizens!!  The last way we can make a difference even in a small way if anything like the Holocaust happens in the future is we can care about other’s feelings and be positive to everyone, no matter what! I think that this is key in stopping something like the Holocaust because there are more good people in the world than bad. What I mean by this is do you think that if the majority of the world was positive, smiled and were polite that we would have a huge world crisis powered by hundreds of thousands of evil, negative, frowning people? I don’t think so! All of us can make a difference just by being ourselves because I know every single one of you has it in you to smile, laugh and enjoy life! That brings up another point that is very good. Do you think that the Jewish were all sad near the end of their life’s? Yes! But I think they would try to cherish every moment they still had, even if they were in Auschwitz because they were still breathing and happiness may be the only thing they had left! This is a sad thought but it also it shows how powerful happiness and smiles are! I know that I already talked about this smiling thing but I think it is so important!! 😀 So next time something reminds you of the Holocaust in the real world, please use these three tips: Stand up for yourself, DON’T BE RASCIST and also cherish every moment you have because you never know how long they will last!

RIP Jewish Citizens Who Died In The Holocaust

**= Definition of “Holocaust” from

Science Project: Draft and Rough Copy


Here are some ideas of tools/objects I can put in my suitcase:

– Rope yes

-Pair of mountain gloves (snow gloves) yes

– Compass yes

– Make A Map Of Mountain… yes

– Whistles yes

– Berries (Fake Ones From Dollar Store)

– Hiking Sticks yes

– Harness yes

– Tent yes

– Granola Bars yes

– Bottled Water yes

– Lighter (Drawn)yes

– Plane Ticket yes

– Feather

– Winter Jacket

– Toque yes

-Flashlight yes

-Band Aids/First Aid Kit yes

Day 1: Feb. 17th 2011

Dear Diary,

My name is Emma and I am here on the bottom of Mount Everest, just beginning my massive survival challenge which will last for the next 4 days! As you probably guessed, I am going to be heading up to the very top of the famous mountain, Mount Everest! I am very excited about this exciting journey. Some of you may know that mountains are considered an “extreme environment”. From my perspective I think that mountains are an extreme environment because they have cold weather that doesn’t let plants and animals live, there is very high altitudes which can cause a loss of breath and the landscapes of mountains include cliffs and glaciers that make risks of falling for animals and people, like me.  I had to travel far away from my home in British Columbia, Canada to Mount Everest because this beautiful piece of nature is located in Nepal. Nepal one of the places that are within the Himalayas in Asia. This mountain is in the “Great Mountain Ranges” in the Himalayas, which like I said, also includes Nepal. This may be a very beautiful getaway for me (not including the fact that I am going to have to struggle to survive) but I hope to learn how many survival skills I have and what things I still need to improve on! I really feel that what happens during this trip will determine how much endurance I have and how much I can push my body, mind and energy before I crash.. Something I hope won’t happen!! As I said, this was a long journey from Canada to Asia! I first got onto a plane with my three friends Halle, Jade and Dale. My three friends won’t be going on this trip with me because they would rather go to a spa and get their nails done.. Well, back to the story! Once we finished our long plane ride I said good-bye to my pals and called a taxi. The taxi was very expensive! $40 (in Canadian dollars) just to get to the lodge here at Mount Everest! Once I arrived here it was about noon, so I stopped by a small cafe and got a coffee and biscuit sandwich, that was my last restaurant meal until the end of my adventure. Once my lunch was finished I sat down on this rock and looked through my bag to see that I remembered everything. Some of the main things I brought for this huge trip were a pair of gloves to keep my hands warm, a compass so I don’t get lost, a whistle to scare away animals such as bears or deer (both can be a threat when with their young), hiking sticks to help me climb the steep elevations of the mountain, a harness for when I attach myself to boulders so I can climb, a tracking device so if I get lost rescue crews can save me, a tent to set up when I get to level ground and many granola bars, trail mixes and bottles of water. As you are probably thinking this is going to be lots of stuff to lug around, and yes it will be! That is one thing I am NOT looking forward to! I just looked up from my diary and it seems I have been writing for awfully a long time, I believe it is probably about 4PM now! This is my first evening here and my observations about this place are it will totally be cold because it is only February! I also think that the wildlife is starting to come out more when the temperature goes down! I don’t quite understand that but I guess you learn something new everyday! Anyway, I need to put a dent into my daily climb before I find a nice camping place to spend the night! I will keep you updated tomorrow on how it’s going! Goodnight from Mount Everest!

Day 2:  Feb. 18th 2011

Dear Diary,

Good evening! I have climbed a little bit higher then the bottom of the mountain because like I said, I needed a good leveled ground to set camp up at. The sun is just starting to set and it is extremely cold! BRR! I got out of my tent (which I set up last night) and decided to explore my surroundings! I couldn’t get very far because the weather wasn’t very nice and it decided to rain, so most of the snow that was cold already, became slippery and yes, VERY chilly! I also didn’t want to walk into a wooded area because I heard some wolf calls late last night. I never thought wolves would be a problem but I guess I was wrong! I am very nervous to see if the wolves come back later today or tomorrow night. After being disappointed in my current “scenery” I decided to find some water and food because I drank all my water last night! I can’t help the fact I get very, very thirsty while camping. I avoided the extra slippery parts of the ice and headed over to a small stream I saw while I was hiking up the mountain. When I got there I put one of my plastic water bottles I brought and put it deep into the water’s current. Once the cold, icy water filled the bottle I took a long sip. Now that I think about it you never know if fish live in that stream, that eat and of course the digestion system continues….. I didn’t think it would matter because the water was so freshly flowing! I didn’t get sick afterwords so that is a good sign. After doing the water gathering about three more times I went in search of some breakfast out in the wild. I was still nervous about the wolves but I needed something in my stomach so I went into the dense dark woods. Right when I entered the green paradise I found some berry bushes that had some wild berries that as I could tell, were harmless to eat. I took a large hand full and scarfed them down, but I didn’t think I could live off of small portions of bitter berries for the 4 days I will be here. I needed a trap of some sort so I decided to gather some sticks and rope. I tied them all together and made a small basket, I later put small sticks and moss into the basket and tied it onto a tree branch. When I came back a few hours later I found some bird eggs in my trap shaped like a nest. I felt a little guilty but it is nature! After eating raw eggs I ate some of the moss in the “nest” to hold me over until lunch. I was very happy that when I went back to my tent my precious supplies were still there. Those were not just props during the day. I actually used them quite a bit! I packed up my tent and all my supplies once I came back and I started to climb even higher. To do this, I did use my hiking sticks so I could handle the steep climb. I also had to use my compass over and over again because to be honest, I am NOT  good with directions or anything that has to do with these four words: North East South West! Once I climbed very high I took a little break because I was beginning to feel the effects of the lack of air (because of the altitude changes). I also didn’t feel that this environment provided much of a warm surroundings for me to rest. I had to sit on a rock, yet again because there was no other place other than the snow covered grass. I almost felt like I should be in hibernation at that time, which was not a good start to my adventure!! The final thing I noticed on this day (only Day 2) was it was very confusing to find my way! I was always checking my compass and all the areas looked the same because trees covered in snow are not very unique from other trees with snow! I got a bit scared but I think everything will be ok, since I found my way near the end of the day! After those few scares I decided to set up my second camp, since I am climbing I will constantly be changing the locations of my shelter. This time it took awhile to get all the pegs stuck in the ground because the rain didn’t let up for most of the day! The soaking wet tent was pure torture and I did not like sleeping in it one bit! When I was done setting up the not so comfy tent and threw some blankets into the bottom, I took a nap just to make sure I was rested. Many people, including me, enjoy naps but this was NOT an enjoyable experience what so ever. I tried to fall asleep but all the small pebbles which I was laying on hurt my back very much. I also didn’t find that the rain falling down on the roof of my tent and seeping through the doors was very good to fall asleep to. I hope that the next 2 days will not end like my nap did…. As you guessed I got no rest during the “nap”. So far I am feeling good but as you can tell the chills, exhaustion and hunger are catching up with me. This will be a fun adventure but I need to make sure I don’t get too far ahead of myself because that will make problems even worse! Mountains were not made for humans to live on and stay with poor living conditions but I was the one who packed my bags, therefor I am completely responsible for not having enough food, water and shelter.. OOPS! More next time from your friend in the mountain tomorrow!!

Day 3: Feb. 19th 2011

Good evening, once again! Today was quite the journey! I was on my feet all day and I was working myself non stop for about 6-8 hard hours! The human body is quite amazing in how it can work so dang hard and not break down. Anyway, I knew this was the day for climbing high elevations and working my butt off because the sun came out which made the snow easier to grip onto and climb! Right when I woke up the sun burnt my eyes and the wind blew the hair out of my face. The cool breeze was reassuring, knowing there was still weather changes! There were not many things that I could notice right away when I woke up, but once I did some exploring I found there was a bear’s den and I even saw two young cubs wandering about! I was scared half to death and gathered all my belongings. When a mother bear is with her cubs she is very protective and does NOT like company or anything close to her children. Which I can understand, but a human mother wouldn’t kill someone like a mother black bear can! Once I escaped the bear’s new territory I found a dirtier stream that didn’t look very appealing. When surviving there are always risks in what you eat, from mucky water to poisoned mushrooms there is always a chance of sickness! I decided this may be my only way to hydrate myself other than doing the old urine to water trick which didn’t sound like very much fun! I grabbed one of  my water bottles again and filled it to the rim. I found a small part of the water that didn’t seem to have tons of gross stuff in it so I decided it would be OK to drink. As appealing the dirt water was, I needed some food and I knew just how to get it! When I walked further up the steep mountain I found a occupied bird’s nest that did have a couple young, plumped up robins in it. I love animals but I would rather kill a few birds than starve to death on Mount Everest! I waited until the mother robin went for a worm run and then I went for it. Since the babies were still too young to fly I snuck up behind them and grabbed them. I got a pocket knife I brought for safety and a tool to quickly kill them. It was painful to hear those last chirps of terror but I had to! Once the two birds were 100% dead I made a small fire by using my lighter and cooked them as fast as I could. Baby robin sort of tasted like bitter chicken, and it wasn’t fully cooked in parts! At least I had a full stomach for my day’s activities. I also grabbed some more bitter berries for the trip that I found on a small bush that was starting to die. After my meal I grabbed my stuff, calmed the fire and started climbing steeper and stepper.. I felt like I could touch the clouds and that was an amazing feeling. The not so amazing feeling was trying to figure out how to attach myself to the harness I needed for rock cliffs that started to slowly come into view! I first clipped a buckle around my waist, under my arms, between my legs and across my chest. I felt like I was being hung in an exhibit for everyone to laugh at but that was the safest way to climb up the rocky land form. The climb was very scare because I slipped many times and even though I was attached to a rope that was completely secure, I always screamed when I dropped the few feet. I was born a daredevil but I still get the chills from earlier today! I also needed to use my gloves and warm winter coat many times because the higher I got the more snow and precipitation that began to fall! It was truly insane. My muscles are still hurting even though that event is hours behind me. OUCH. One more thing that helped me today was my tracking device. While I was walking I slipped and kept falling. This was very scary and right when I started to yell help my tracking device started beeping like crazy! When I pressed the “reply” button a voice said “Are you OK?” and even though I was fine (except for a few scratches and bruises) it was reassuring to know someone was there if I needed assistance. Many accidents happened right at the beginning of the climb and there were reasons for them! I felt that today there were more animals making scary noises that startled me and put me on edge! I love animals, like I have said many times before but I never think that I will turn around and see a handful of deer, rabbits or even wolves walking throughout the trees. I also didn’t like that the higher I got, the more dense the woods became. The first time I noticed this was when I walked into the woods to do some “business” and there were so many twigs that I kept stumbling over my own feet! Not only was the ground un even but the tree tops were so thick that if I didn’t have my tracking device, fell and broke something, no helicopters or rescue teams would be able to find me. That is a scary thought isn’t it? Through these struggles I kept going, I am not a person that gives up. The walking went on and on and never seemed to stop! I reached a very tall peak of the mountain and since the sun was beginning to set, I decided it was time to crash and say goodnight to my beautiful surroundings! Moving camp every night is getting hard but I think I will manage. I set the tent up in the woods this time and the tent was set up much quicker. I just nailed the pegs from the tent into the soft soil and Bobs your uncle! Since it is probably past midnight right now and I can’t get to sleep, I did get some ZZs and I wanted to document what it was like. This sleep was much more comfortable than last night because pine needles are very good bedding (when they are under the tent bottom) and they also have a great scent. I did get lots of sleep since I went to bed but there are many animals in the woods that make such loud, annoying sounds that woke me up and haven’t stopped since! I can’t believe this is my last night here on Mount Everest! It has been a great adventure but I still have the downhill route to concur tomorrow. I have no choice! Dizziness has been making it harder for me to travel and I think it has something to do with the height of this mountain! My ears are also plugged and I have a headache!!! This is not a good living destination but my body’s reactions to the environment have been less extreme than the first day I came here! I am going to go back to sleep now because I have a big day ahead of me and I would rather not fall asleep traveling down one of the largest mountains in the world. Good night, Sleep Tight, Talk To You Tomorrow Night! I can’t wait!

Day 4: Feb. 20th 2011

Good evening once again Mount Everest lovers! I am finally back home (on the plane ride back actually) but I will fill you in with all the details of the last day of this fun adventure. I woke up very late in the morning because the tent was very comfortable! Even though all those crazy animals seem to never give their “singing” a rest. I am really wondering if I should have a bed like that back in my house! It was very nice. I tried to make this expedition an environmentally friendly one, so when I left my camp sight I made sure that it was like I wasn’t even there! I cleaned up my tent, ashes from the fire, bird bones and any other packaging I found. This mountain was so fresh and clean that I really wanted to leave it as beautiful as it was when I first came there! After my now extremely full backpack was on my spine, practically breaking it, I needed one last Mount Everest style breakfast. I decided that since I was leaving the environment looking better than ever, I would leave the living creatures alone today! After a long amount of searching and pondering all food possibilities I found a berry bush (yet again) and some edible mushrooms! Don’t worry about the mushrooms being poison because before this journey I read a mushroom guide so I was safe froim deadly foods in the wild! That book may have helped me with eating but there were many other tools that were key in this all being possible were the harness that let me climb heights very high, a compass so I wasn’t traveling in circles, my knife so I could eat, make fires and of course cut rope for my harness. The very last thing that helped me was my tent! If I didn’t have that tent with me I couldn’t do this at all, having no shelter in a mountain range is like asking for death! After eating that yummy meal I needed to start climbed down the mountain to make sure that I could meet that taxi in time and get on the plane I am on now, with my glammed up friends. I hiked down most of the way but once I was really tired I used my tent as a little toboggan and slid down the rest of the way! It was actually quite fun!!! Once I got to the bottom and I was waiting for the taxi (I can’t believe I was early!) I was thinking back on the cool things I did during this adventure! I mean, I ate robin, I hiked the longest I ever have in my entire life put together, I slept in the woods and I didn’t break one bone!!! These were all great things but I still do like Home Sweet Home much better. Some of the things I am still looking forward to when the plane finally lands is having a hot bath, a big cup of coffee and a big hug from my cat Snuggles! I loved my adventure and I hope I will get to discover even more extreme environments other than mountains in the years to come!

By: Emma

(Mount Everest Climber and Diary Writer!)

Steven: The Rainbow Llama


We all remember when we watched Planet Earth in Science and seeing the tragic death of our best friend, Steven The Rainbow Llama! I am here to tell you about his life before the end and what he did for fun! I hope you enjoy this short story and a llama with magical rainbow powers who’s name is Steven!

Steven The Rainbow Llama was born in a small town of Skittles. Life for the first few years was tough for Steven but he seemed to just get by until he turned 5 years old. At this time, Steven finally received his magical rainbow powers! But this amazing thing didn’t just happen… There is a hard task that came with these abilities such as climbed the candy mountain and eating the magical fruits of marshmallows on the sweet chocolate trees! This may all sound strange to you, but this was pretty much the everyday life of Mr. Steven! He lived with his mother, Stephanie The Magical Rainbow Llama and his father Old Steven The Magical Rainbow Llama. After the poor thing (Steven The Magical Rainbow Llama) moved away from his family he decided to go to one of the most extreme environments in the world.. The mountain tops of chocolate coconut squares! He decided to go here because he felt that he was so daring and fantastic that he could handle anything! Man was he wrong! Everything about this place was not good for this creature.. Everything he did something went wrong.. He ate and it rained paper bags, he smiled and a volcano erupted pouring soggy socks over the land. Whatever he did something that made his life miserable happened! This is when the bad part of the story comes in.. It just happened that a mean, long tailed, wildcat came along and ended his magical life like that! (I don’t like to go into details!) And that is the sad story of Steven The Rainbow Llama!

Steven! The Rainbows Of All Llamas!