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September: My Top 16 Songs So Far!


Keeva, I would like to apoligize for doing the same theme of post as you, but it was a great idea! So instead of what you did (Top 10 Songs) I am doing my Top 16 SONGS! 🙂 Anyway, here are my top 16,  and these are NOT in order because I can’t decide what order to do them in!! Each song is also going to have one sentence about why I like this song!

1. Set Fire To The Rain- Adele

(I like this one because it has very nice background music, and also very beautiful lyrics!)


(I am in LOVE with this song because it is the best song ever.. especially one lyric from it.. “EVERYDAY I’M SHUFFLING!”)

3. You and I- Lady Gaga

( I like this song because it isn’t really the crazy Lady Gaga that most of us know, it is soft and a very sweet love song! :3 )

4. Someone Like You- Adele

(This song is also very pretty, probably my favourite on her album, “21”.)

5. Lighters- Bad Meets Evil & Bruno Mars ❤

(I like this song because yes, I can rap the eminem parts and I LOVE Bruno Mars, so yeaaahhhhh)

6. Hold My Hand- Michael Jackson

(I like this song because it makes me remmeber Michael Jackson, and how much I wish he was still alive </3)

7. Super Bass- Nicki Minaj

(I like this song because I love rap and yeah, I CAN RAP IT TOO!)

8. Fly- Nicki Minaj & Rhinnah

(I like this one because it is just a good song in general)

9. Moves Like Jagger- Maroon 5

(I like this because Adam Levine does the whole “moooOOOoooovvveeesss like jagger” thing 😉 )

10. Love You Like A Love Song- Selena Gomez

(I like this song because it’s really catchy!!)

11. Invinsible- Hedley

(I like this one because it is a really good song, classic Hedley!)

12. Give Me Everything- Pitbull & Neyo

(I like this one because it was my summer song 😉 )

13. Tonight Tonight – *Artist Unknown* 😉

(I like this one because again, very catchy)

14. Last Friday Night T.G.I.F – Katy Perry

(This one makes me happy on days like today, FRIDAYS!)

15. I Wanna Go- Brittney Spears

( I like this one because it makes me want to run around.. yesh, I am weird.)

16. Rolling In The Deep- Adele

(I like this one because it again, make sme think of the summer time.)

And those are my top 16!! As you noticed.. NO BIEBER! Because I need to say something.. I do NOT like Justin Bieber anymore. No wayy… sorry bieberettes…. I am no longer one of you.. BRUNO ALL THE WAY BUDDDYYYY <333333



Picnik: The Best Photo Editer


You just updated your Facebook profile picture, but it isn’t fancy enough…. There isn’t enough colour or it isn’t covered with fun stickers and effects! If you think you need more interesting photos online then read this paragraph or forever have BORING photos!!

The first reason why is great is because you can make your photos look higher quality and crop them to you liking! There is a little tab that says “Create and Edit”. If you press Edit then you can crop your photos so they are smaller, sharpen your photo so it is more clear, auto-fix your photo so you don’t need to do so much work and so much more! These effects work perfectly and they really make your photos look better! I find that if you have a picture of flowers the Sharpen tool looks very nice and helps focus on your flowers rather than the terrible back ground! By the way, all of this is 100% free and very easy!

This is an example of a flower edit I did! 🙂


The second reason why Picnik a great way to have fun with your pictures is because they have many creative and interesting effects that you wouldn’t find on a simple photo editor like Picasa. You can use such things as borders to make your photos look brighter and you can also use text so you can write captions on your photos. (I like to write lyrics from my favourite songs on my photos!) 🙂    You can also do wacky things such as put a mustache on your best friend or put a little cartoon dog on their shoulder! I think this is really cool because it helps people express their interests in their photos! I suggest trying the HDRish edit then turn your photo black and white.. It makes a real difference! 🙂

Here is an example of the HDR trick, text and stickers

The last reason is because it is free (mostly). You can do all this for free, with zero difficulty. As you can see I said “mostly” at the end of saying it is free because this whole website is not a “no charge website”. You can get an optional membership for a month, half a year, or a full year called “Premium Picnik” where you can do much more such as changing your eye, hair, skin and lip colour! You can also acess much more text effects and full photo effects!! It is really cool.. I don’t have it but one of my friends does and I am saving up to get it!

This is my secret trick to change your eye colour for free... but it's a ssecret, so I can't tell you... 🙂

So there you go! Your profile picture is now bright, interesting and edited to perfection! All because of the amazing, free, easy and FUN website PICNIK!

Story Board Speech: Bruno Mars Concert


There we were. My best friend Jade and I were standing in Rogers Arena, literally shaking with excitement. The concert was about to begin, but not just any concert… A BRUNO MARS CONCERT!

“This can’t be happening!” Jade said in a loud, over excited voice.

I just nodded, because when Jade gets excited, she never calms down. We decided we needed some popcorn to get our nerves back in check. When we got to the concession stand we saw a huge line of girls shaking just as much as we were. As we got into line, I started to realize what was happening. We were in the same arena that Bruno Mars was in! We were breathing the SAME air! As you can see, I’m sort of obsessed. The lines length grew shorter and shorter until Jade and I were the only ones left.

“Two pop corns please.” I said so fast that it sounded like it was all one word.

I gave the man my money and just as a change hit the red surface of the counter top we heard it. Music from te stage erupted out of nowhere. And was almost instantly followed by a loud chorus of screams.

“We HAVE to go!” Jade shouted, pulling my arm so hard I thought it was going to come right out of the socket.

I let out a faint yelp, grabbed the popcorn and ran after Jade as fast as I possibly could. I was losing most of the popcorn.. But think about it! Bruno Mars or popcorn?!

“Jade! We still have to run half way across the arena before we get to our section. We’re never going to make it in time to see him walk on stage” I shouted to Jade, flailing even more of the overpriced popcorn onto the ground.

This angered Jade, so she pulled my arm AGAIN making the once hurting arm a piece of throbbing torn muscle. I started to look at the large black numbers over the entrance ways to the seating areas. We were still 50 or so sections away until we could see the one and only Bruno Mars! I could smell the salt and butter on our almost gone popcorn, wondering if this frantic run would ever stop.

“We’re almost there! I don’t think he’s walked on stage yet!” Jade cried, her voice muted by the high pitched screams within the doors.

“OK! I’m so excited!” I yelled out to her, gaining speed.

Section 330, Section 331 and SECTION 332! We exchanged huge grins and ran up the steep slope of stairs to our seating area. Once we reached the top we bot squealed louder than we ever had in our whole life’s! Bruno Mars was just walking on stage and we made it. So many thoughts were swirling though my head at that very moment but I only uttered 3 words that said it all……


We Weren't This Close But It Was Still Amazing!