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Halloween Dance: I’m So Excited!!!


Today is the Halloween Dance (well, the black & orange dance) and I am very excited. There are so many reasons to be excited for such a fun thing, and I really hope everyone is just as excited as I am. The first reason I am excited to go to the dance later today is because of the music!! I love music in general, but to be able to dance and scream lyrics DURING school hours is way better because 1. You don’t have to be sitting in a desk writing and learning and 2. you aren’t alone, you are with 600 other kids that like the same music as you! (Well, mostly…..) I am really excited this year especially because they got some really good songs out that I can’t wait to hear such as “Moves Like Jagger”, “Party Rock Anthem” and “Last Friday Night (TGIF)”.. The second reason why I am excited for the dance this afternoon is because you have to be given the privilege to go, you can’t just walk in and have 10 missing work assignments incomplete. I think this is a good thing because then you really feel like you have a goal if you DO have missing work, to get it done, and if you DON’T have any missing work, going to the amazing dance will motivate you to keep your grades up, and to always hand assignments in on time, so then you don’t get missing work piling up.  The last reason why I think the dance is going to be amazing is because I would like to compare it to the AYC dance I went to last week! I would like to see what our dances have that the AYC dances don’t, or vice versa. One thing I know we DON’T have at our dances that I loved at the AYC dance was they had strobe lights, if you don’t know what those are, they are bright white lights that make everyone’s movements seem SUPER fast, which is really cool when everyone is doing the dance to “Thriller”. Maybe there should be a suggestion box?? 🙂 Anyway, I hope everyone has a great time at the dance later on today!!!



Independent Reading Journal #1 (Oct./11) : Specials


Title: Specials                        

Level: 6.1

Points: 12

Question you are answering: How do the main character’s relationships with others change in the novel?

Main point you are making (What are you trying to convince me of?) : The character’s relationships constantly change.

In the book Specials the main character Tally changes very often, and when she does find a friend, it doesn’t last very long. One of the ways Tally ruins relationships is because of her temper. Because she is a Special, she can turn happy to furious in an instant. An example of someone Tally had so much temper with that their relationship changed is Shay, one of her best friends who is also a Special. Shay saved Tally from being hurt, but when she wasn’t looking, Tally ran away from her because she was upset for some reason. The second way Tally makes it hard for people to like her is because she thinks shes doing good for others, but it ends up being damaging to others and also harmful to herself. For example, Tally thought it was a good idea to have her friend Zane move to the city “Diego” but chemicals in the air slowly killed him. As you can see this didn’t work out at ALL for Zane or herself. He ended up losing his life and she ended up losing her only true friend. The last way Tally changes friends quickly is because she feels alone and she needs a friend. So it ends up being easy for her to be sucked into a relationship that she hated. A great example of someone who hurt Tally but ended up being her only “friend” is David. This happened because he was the only one she knew. These ideas all support the fact that Tally changes friends very quickly.

This is the cover of the book Specials

La Bamba: Report Card For Manuel Gomez


Persistance:                                                       Grade For Persistance: 3

Comments: -He didn’t want to stop singing even though the record got stuck -He wanted to give up -He kept going, showed change from the beginning to end. -He didn’t try his hardest/ didn’t give 100% -Blamed his “friend” Benny when the problem was caused by him.. -Didn’t really want to perform -Had doubts in himself -Only wanted to win so he could get the girl & be popular -Practiced well 

Responsibility:                                                    Grade For Responsibility: 2.5

Comments: -“he recalled that it was Benny’s loud trumpet playing that made the forty five record fly out of his hands.” (pg.17) -Manuel didn’t take very much time to practice compared to others such as Benny. -Blamed Benny for ruining the forty five record, even though it was his fault. -Forgot his homework and didn’t go back home to pick it up, because he would be late for the talent show meeting. -Wasn’t honest and said it was on purpose that the record got stuck during his performace. -He pretended to sing when he wasn’t -minorly commited to practicing (ex. he sang in the shower because he didn’t leave enough time during the day to get it done.) -Was spinning the forty five record on his finger, being careless, which caused it to drop..

Confidence:                                              Grade For Confidence: 3.5

Comments: “Manuel fell asleep confident that nothing would go wrong this time.” (pg. 14) -thought he was better than everyone else performing. -Thought his friends would be in awe of his “amazing” singing and dancing performace. -Made a creative excuse for why the record got stuck (was confident in his theory…) -He practiced his act. -Had enough courage/confidence to go up in front of parents and peers to do his song. -Had a big ego/quite full of himself and his talents… -Even though people were laughing and doubting he could do it, he did it anyway.

Friendship                                                        Grade For Friendship: 2

Comments: “Benny, center stage played his trumpet. Manuel was jelous because he sounded so good….then mad.”(pg 16-17) -Blamed Benny for his bad performance/ dropping the record. -Wanted to be better than his friends…didn’t want to share the spotlight with others. -Benny gave helpful suggestions to make Manuel’s performance better, but Manuel never thanked him, yet he used his ideas…

Caring (About Others)                                         Grade For Caring (About Others): 2.5

Comments: -Is it broken?” (pg 13) -only thinking about himself and what’s best for him/ his performance. -Only wanted popularity and the girl of his dreams. -Didn’t care about his grades (ex. “he realized he had forgotten his math booklet..”) -“He wanted applauses as loud as thunderstorms.” -Wanted the fame around his school. -Wanted all his siblings and peers to be jelous of his talents and the fact that (in his mind) he won the talent show!

Some talent shows are held on stages like this ^

La Bamba: Interview With Manuel


Reporter: Manuel, what an amazing performance! How did you feel?

Manuel: Thank you! I feel very sucessful and pleased that I participated.

Reporter: So we would like to know if the record ACTUALLY stopped, or was that planned?

Manuel: It was suprising, but yes, it was planned for the performance.

Reporter: Why was it planned?

Manuel: It was planned because I wanted to see the audience’s reaction!

Reporter: How did you do it?

Manuel: Well, thats the secret.

Reporter: There were lots of other acts that were very good, are you jelous?

Manuel: I am not jelous, they weren’t very good in my opinion..

Reporter: What about your friend, Benny?

Manuel: Friend? Not likely, I can’t stand him.

Reporter: Too bad.. Anyway, what did you feel when you walked on stage?

Manuel: I was nervous but when the music started I began to feel excited!

Reporter: Do you have an inspiration?

Manuel: Michael Jackson is a huge inspiraton to me.

Reporter: Ah, yes! Thank you for your time.

Manuel: No problem!

This Interview Would Be In A Newpaper.

Dandily Region Chapter One: Removed Mistakes


“Welcome back Miss Strenge, your next victim is this way.”, my best friend and partner in crime Valerie said, gesturing me to a large metal door.

“Thank you. Tell the rest to patiently wait, or there will be punishments.” I replied, opening the vault-like door, my eyes meeting the shivering girl’s eyes.

I closed the door and sat down in my soft, leather chair, getting ready to yet again, change a Dandily Region Citizen into one of my, what I like to call them, “helper monsters”.

“So, are you ready?” I asked, inching towards the young girl slowly.

“Do I have an option?” she said, knowing what the answer was by looking in my bright green eyes.

Right after these words left her quivering lips, I began to do what I do best. I put the needle into her wrist and she screamed with pain. I smiled, not because I wanted her to be in pain, but because that terrible scream that escaped her mouth showed me it was working. A few minutes after having the needle sitting in her skin, her eyes were changing from brown to bright emerald green.. Her hair also slowly decreased in length and changed almost instantly from blonde to dark black. It was like looking in a mirror but something was wrong.. Her teeth were still rounded, not the sharp pointed wolf teeth all her victims needed. “Code Red, her teeth aren’t changing.. She has to be removed.” I messaged through a telepathic messaging system.

“Ok Miss Stenge, can you take her? My hands are full.” Valerie responded with uneven breathes, she must have been running somewhere..

“For sure.” I said out loud for the mistake to hear.

I pounced from my chair, ripped the needle from the girl’s wrist and threw her over my rock hard shoulder. My creations, including me, have incredibly fast reflexes, not to mention high running speeds.The girl was screaming, but nobody could hear her because, of course, I turned her external volume down to a 0, so she could hear herself, but no one else could.

When I reached the door labeled “Removing Room” , I opened it and threw the girl in with the rest of the misplaced mistakes. Right before I could close the door after taking a quick look at all the ones the didn’t belong, 5 extremely strong removed mistakes pounced at me, rage glowing in their mold- green eyes….

This is the book I am looking to for ideas..

The Dandily Region: Introduction


I decided that I want to write my own story on the blog as well! Sorry if I’m sort of copying Austin, but it shows that I think the idea is a really cool one that I would like to do as well. And trust me, my story has a different theme than Austin’s VERY well written story! Anyway, I am going to do it in parts like Austin has been doing it so there isn’t this huge blog post that would take me forever! So, here is the introduction I wrote for my story: The Dandily Region.

I walked into the  dark hallway. No air, no noise what so ever.. Just silence. Something I wasn’t used to. I have been part of a secret world for as long as I can remember. But what keeps me forever on my toes is no one knows. No one knows the monster I am inside, or what world fears me so much, that I struggle to enter without being attacked, and erased from the one place I have power over.. And that place is what I like to call the Dandily Region.

This Is The Hallway She Is Walking Down...

(Please Comment With Ideas For My Story!! Right after this, I will be posting Chapter 1 of this story, so please read it and comment so I can improve the story and my writing skills… Thanks! 🙂 )

Vampires From Twilight: I’m Sort Of Like One….


Everyone in our class (at least the girls) probably know what the vampires from the movie Twilight look like. But not those red eyed, blood crazy ones.. The hazel eyed, less blood crazy ones like Edward and his family. Anyway, I sort of think, snd some of my friends have told me, that I look like one of them. I don’t really understand completely but I take that as a compliment… I guess?

Ok, so the first reason why I, and my friends, think I look like a vampire from Twilight is because of my obvious paleness. I mean, I can’t help that my skin is practicly as white as a snowman’s. I mean, in the summer I need to put 10 pounds of sunscreen on so my skin doesn’t turn bright red (sort of like a tomato I think 😉 ) Anyway, I think my skin is about the shade of their skin so I must be like them in a way, because most people don’t have such white skin like I do.

The second reason people think I am like a vampire from Twilight is because I had those hazel coloured eyes that they have in the movie. I like my eyes, and I guess they sort of look the colour of the vampire ones, but then again, the ones in the movie are more of a brown colour, anfd mine have more green in them. Whatever, I still think they are close enough. Even though the eye colour may be the same, there was this Twilight convention and of course, they had these really expensive red contacts that look just like the eyes the newborn vampires have in the third movie.. I would love to have some of those!

The last reason why people think I am vampirish is because I’m not slowest runner the world has seen. In the movie, Edward can run at light speed, running up steep hills withgout any trouble and bouncing off tree trunks with his quick speeds. I don’t think it is humanly possible to run that fast, but wouldn’t it be cool to be able to have yourself be running, as fast as you can go, then have movie people edit it so you look like your running super duper fast. But like I said, I am pretty fast at running, but nearly as fast as the actors in Twilight are made to look. 🙂

This Is The Book Cover Of "Twilight"