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My Top 10 Songs Of December


Hey guys!! CONGRATS MRS. HEITZ!!!! I’m so excited to see pictures of Natalie :) Anyway, here is a list of my favourite songs of December :) I hope you guys agree with my choices, and I will link most of the videos from Youtube :) ENJOY YOUR WINTER BREAK!

1. Headlines By: Drake

2. Countdown By: Beyonce

3. Mr. Know It All By: Kelly Clarkson

4. The One That Got Away By: Katy Perry

5. Marry The Night By: Lady GaGa

6. Mistletoe By: Justin Bieber

7. How To Love By: Lil Wayne

8. It Will Rain By: Bruno Mars


9. Moment 4 Life By: Nicki Minaj and Drake

10.  Party Rock Anthem By: LMFAO :)

These are all really good songs, that I am very crazy about. I know lots of the readers are the same age, or a little older than me, so hopefully you like this style of music!!

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Breaking Dawn Part 1: What I Thought


Okay, so I really, really REALLY like all the Twilight movies. I recently went to the new one, Breaking Dawn Part 1. I would rate it a 4 it of 5, because it was AMAZING, but bad at the same time. Heres why:

The reason why I liked the movie is because of their wedding. I really thought everything about it was pretty amazing. I think my favourite part about the wedding was what it looked like. I liked that at the top of the trees there were white pedals hanging over top of all the people. It was so beautiful, and the flowers matched her dress. It was great, I guess it sort of looked like my dream wedding.

But the one thing that I really didn’t like was all the gore. I won’t go into details, but lets just say there was lots of blood going on… -_-

Other than that, the movie was great, and I would love to see it again and again! 🙂

Smart Learning: How It Helps Us!


Some people (not going to name anyone) have been saying that Smart Learning is not useful, and is pretty much pointless. They say that it doesn’t matter and that they want it out of the learning system. I do not agree with this 150% because it is very useful! I think it is useful because it helps us organize our thinking by doing such things as chunking and planning our quick writes. I also enjoy Smart Learning because it gives more oppourtunities to write. I love writing and being able to write about everything from Scientific Methods to why first impressions are so important pleases me! I really don’t care what anyone else says, because I think that this is a modern, helpful way to teach us things using all the parts of our brain. Also, A/B partner talk is linked to Smart Learning, and I love it! Being able to share your ideas, hear others ideas, and talk about the class aboutthe topic is great! You get to be more involved with the students, plus the teacher gets to hear what the students opinions are/ what they feel about this topic, right away, face to face, rather than of a piece of paper. One thing I would like to say to the “unnamed people” is exactly what I was saying “FACE TO FACE” this morning…. You have no choice. You have t do this, and even though it might not be your favourite thing to do, you have to. Plus, I know one of those people (Starts with an A, ends with USTIN) cares about thw world! I respect him, and I think that he could change the world a ton, but in my opinion, fighting something that some children across the worls would die to have (education) is completely crazy!!! I hope the people this is directed to read this, and I would love to talk with you about it at school, whenever. 🙂

The Environment: Keep it Green!


I have very strong thoughts about the environment, and how people are very careless about how they treat it. Recently I have seen many things that have made me very angry around the school. To start, whenever I am walking around at luch time, there are many pieces of garabage all over the place! I think this is insane because we have people everyday being punished by picking up garabage, but should it really be something you need to be punished to do? I don’t think so because keeping the earth clean isn’t a chore, it is what we have to do, what we are RESPONSIBLE for. This is our home, where we will live for the rest of our life’s. I think that we should be able to  do “garbage duty” for bonus HCE marks. I think this is sensible because we can help the world, and not even really be rewarded. I think that if people would be doing this they would want to do it for the changing the world part, rather than the bonus marks. I hope everyone would at least consider this, because 30 minutes picking up garbage can really make a difference, especially if there are lots of people working together. Imagine if Mrs. Heitz class and our class all made groups and used our 30 minute DPA block to pick up garbage??? I know it’s cold, but the litter at the school is insane! Don’t you think its time us, students, step up to the plate and do what we should really do? Make the world a better place, and try to help others rather than themselves! Isn’t that what life is about? I do..


Work together to make the world healthy again.

Winter: The Best Things To Do!


Winter is one of my favourite seasons because it is filled with joy, snow, Christmas, and BREAKS! Anyway, there is so much you can do on a chilly day this holiday. Here are some things I LOVE to do during Winter:

1. MAKE A SNOWMAN! (I like to take a picture of it every few hours to see how it slowly falls over XD)

2. Make hot chocolate! (During the holidays I crunch up candycane and put it in there, just for fun 🙂 )

3. Paint my nails! (I always like doing this, but there are so many Winter designs to try ❤ )

4. Watch a movie! (Getting into sweatpants, curling up with some popcorn and watching a movie while its snowing is very nice.)

5. PUTTING UP CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!! (I always like this because I get to put up an inflatable penguin we have had for 3 years now..)

6. Buying people Christmas gifts! (Even though its my money I am spending, I like it, it makes me feel happy)

7. Donate food to the food bank (I do this because we get so much during the holidays, so we should give a little as well, for the people that don’t get to do all the great things we can.)

8. Looking for the perfect tree. (This is my favourite thing to do because once the tree is in the house, it smells like pine for the whole season.)

9. BAKING COOKIES AND SWEETS! (This is a great thing to do because it is helping out around the house, but it is also a blast!)

10. Go skating! (Skating is awesome, so SKATE! XD )

11. Jam to christmas music (This is fun because it gets you in the spirit of christmas.

12. Be happy (I do this because, well, it makes Christmas much better… but then again, how can you NOT be happy during the holidays?? ;D)

Well, I know there are only 11 things on here, but this is all I got… Hopefully you agree that some of these things are good things to do, and maybe this gave you some ideas about what to do this Christmas Break! ❤