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Being Vegetarian: Foods You Should Eat


Being vegetarian is something I love, but I need to make sure I get enough protien, iron, and other nutrients that are in meats. I have done some research and there are many foods that give me TONS of iron and protien… Here is a list of some:

1. Nuts (Things like almonds, peanuts, cashews.. all these have many form of protien.)

2. Lentils

3. Spinach (Very high in iron)

4. Tofu

5. Any soy product

6. Egg yoks


8. Peanut butter

9.  Grains

10. Leafy greens (lettuce)

11. Seaweed

12. Dried Fruit

13. Citrus fruits

14. Melons

15. Strawberries

16. Apples

17. Hummus

18. Seeds

These are just some.. As you can see, anyone can be a healthy vegetarian if they know what foods to eat! More to come soon! 🙂

Here is also a food guide pyramid of how many servings of each section of the food pyramid a vegetarian should eat! This is VERY helpful 🙂


No Heat Crimping: Overnight French Braids


Hey guys! So recently I have been watching more and more hair tutorials on how to do funky things without heat. I have found such things like:



This is a picture of the one sockbun i did

So, I did this and I was really excited, since it was the firstg hair thing I tried out. I sprayed my hair with water and put it up like it shows in the picture. Sadly, in the morning, all my hair turned out to be like was tangled and knots everywhere. This is NOT one I would recommend.

This is a picture of my end results

This method is thw best I have tried. I have a DIY post for this method in the DIY category. It is very, very, VERY easy, and it is super fun to do. I usually do this at least 1 time each week. I think everyone should try it, plus they hold all day!!!!

Sorry that it's upside down, but this is what mine turned out like 🙂

So, to start this off, you will have to have a shower. Well, when you have a shower, don’t blowdry your hair. I suggest that you let your hair air dry until it is not drenching your shirt..
After it is that dry, your going to be french braiding both sides of your hair, (you will split it in two, right behind your neck. This will insure even crimping.)
After that, try an elastic on the bottom of your hair (where ever your braid goes till) and sleep!!!
When you wake up **yawn** your going to take your braids out (if they aren’t completely dry, blowdry them until they are) and make sure NOT TO BRUSH IT, this will cause a big afro looking style, which is not the purpose xD
Here is a link on how to french braid, if you don’t know how to already:
ENJOY! (If you want maximum hold, spray a light dusting of hairspray over once you remove the braids in the morning)


Poem: My Favourite Place


Here is a poem I wrote for school. It is about the ocean, and even though I don’t live near it *AT ALL*, I still love visiting it every summer during my vacation. So, here it is! :

My favourite place,

The greatest place,

A place to run,

A place for fun,

Where the ocean is a second home,

Where the crabs cry because their all alone,

The beautiful sky was a hummingbird blue,

And the enourmous gulls sang a beautifly as they flew,

I walked through the razor sharp rocks,

Trying to reach the slippery docks,

The ocean sparkled like priceless diamonds,

I was so much more excited than my best friend Simon,

The water was ice as I jumped in,

An old, wise fish was trying to swim without a fin,

The magical sands carress my feet,

The beautiful coral makes my heart skip a beat,

As I come up for air,

I just like to stare,

At the fluffy clouds that appear to be,


The evening approaches quickly,

The stars leave shimmering reflections on the water,

The cool breeze whispers good-night,

But I will have no fright,

The shoreline is as dark as coal,

The rocks gigggling evil laughs as I fall,

All is well and all is right,

Because the stars give off fantasic light,

The next morning brings more fun,

With the waves banging as loud as a gun,

With the tidepools acting as happy as ever,

And the sky coloured as light as a feather,

All will be fine when I stay,

And I will NEVER. EVER,

go. away. ❤