Being Vegetarian: Foods You Should Eat


Being vegetarian is something I love, but I need to make sure I get enough protien, iron, and other nutrients that are in meats. I have done some research and there are many foods that give me TONS of iron and protien… Here is a list of some:

1. Nuts (Things like almonds, peanuts, cashews.. all these have many form of protien.)

2. Lentils

3. Spinach (Very high in iron)

4. Tofu

5. Any soy product

6. Egg yoks


8. Peanut butter

9.  Grains

10. Leafy greens (lettuce)

11. Seaweed

12. Dried Fruit

13. Citrus fruits

14. Melons

15. Strawberries

16. Apples

17. Hummus

18. Seeds

These are just some.. As you can see, anyone can be a healthy vegetarian if they know what foods to eat! More to come soon! 🙂

Here is also a food guide pyramid of how many servings of each section of the food pyramid a vegetarian should eat! This is VERY helpful 🙂


About egoossen

My name Is Emma Goossen and I am a regular preteen girl. I like nails, hair styles, friends and family! I have a huge thing about music, I love it! I am just a simple person, who gets VERY crazy at times :)

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