February 20th 2012: Happy Monday!


Hey everyone! I haven’t posted on this for a very long time, and I was thinking about cool daily things to do during school today. I was thinking that I should have a sort of format, so you know what I was doing, what song I have been listening to the most, what I am doing, and then just thoughts. I know it may sound a little robotic or whatever, but I am really excited to at least try it out. This is like, a draft on what sort of format I want to do, but please please PLEASE COMMENT on this post so I have some more ideas that you guys would like to hear about. So, here you go! πŸ™‚

Mood Today: Happy and Mad (Happy because I am just, happy, and mad because people don’t know how to be nice -___-)

What You Did Today: Today I was really tired, and I didn’t really do that much, other than have another fun fun day of school πŸ˜‰ . I did some math studying, gym, reading, learning more about egypt, had lunch, watched the BORINGEST movie about searching things on the computer (it was an hour long pretty much just talking about how to type something in a search bar….) Then we did some french stuff, I walked home in the beautiful wind! I love wind so much, it is so pretty and it actually felt like spring today! After I got home I had something to eat, and then here I am, telling you guys what I am doing. Later today we are taking my bro to gymnastics and doing some shopping. I have to study for a HUGE math test that is tomorrow. I will probably just wing it, other than the vocabulary that we always get :(…

What Nail Polish Am I Wearing: I know this is sort of a random thing to have on the daily format thingy, but I really love nail polish and I want to change it everyday now, so this is why we are having this little section so I can tell you guys! I also really want to have this because some people (like me) want to hear that it is an awesome colour from somewhere else before they buy it, so I am going to do this section πŸ™‚

So, the one I am wearing today is called, “Blue My Mind” By: OPI. I really like this colour, and it matched a colour on my shirt that I am wearing! It is a really cute colour. $10.00 in Canada πŸ™‚







Favourite Song Of The Day: Safe and Sound By: Taylor Swift is my favourite today, because I am ADDICTED to the hunger games series (i’m on the third book now) and I really think it is a sad song if you know the story. I love Taylor’s voice, and I also suggest you try out the Hunger Games book, ten million times better than twilight πŸ™‚

Any News Or Fun Things To Tell You Guys:

Well, I am working on a speech for class about Animal Abuse and Animal Cruelty Around The World. You may be thinking that me telling you this is pointless, but I have a job for anyone who reads this post:

Please go to PETA.com Β and look at what you can do with their organization. PETA is a great website, which exposes animal abuse, underground cameras at slaughterhouses or where animals are illegaly being abused and try to find help, using the help from the readers mostly. I would like to warn anyone who visits this site, it may disturb some people, so visit at your own expense. thanks!

Okay! So I really like this idea of doing this fomat thing daily! Please comment about what you think ❀ Hope your having a great Monday, and don’t forget to check out PETA.com πŸ™‚


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