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Siesmic Story


All was still that night as I lay asleep. Suddenly, without warning, my bed began to gently rock back and forth as if it were on a rolling sea. I thought it was a dream. When I realized I was actually awake I screamed extremely loud, my heart pounding louder than the largest drum.

“Mom? Dad?” I yelled, every inch of me shaking.

There was no reply so I got up, hardly keeping my balance and went under the door way that lets you enter my room. I learned that in my Science class, plus, I needed to stay away from all windows, so the door was actually a pretty good place to be. All the sudden I heard a huge BANG and my precious bookshelf that once belonged to my mother broken, scattering books and items everywhere.

`MOM! DAD!`I screamed with all my might.

Tears welled up in my eyes when once again, they didn`t reply. I was worried that they might have gotten killed, but right now I have to worry about keeping myself alive. The shaking seemed to go on for hours, but once it settled down to a low hum, then no noise at all, I left the doorway and ran into my parent`s room. `As I reached for the doorknob I was very anxious to see what was behind it. I turned the doorknob and I screamed! Fire… IT`S A FIRE! I remember learning that one of the affects that were pretty common in earthquakes were the fires , but how did it start? My eyes raced across every burning item in the room, then I saw it, the large collection of candles my mom lights in the morning had all fell over in the disaster… And my parents were dead.

I had to get out of there but the emotions welled up inside of me and I fell to my knees. Crying hysterically. I’m all alone now, no father, no mother, I never did have any siblings… This was a terrible day so far and I had to get out before the fire started to spread to other parts of the house. I ran outside, relieved to be away from that mess, still crying. I picked up our hidden emergency kit, which everyone should use after an earthquake to help the other members of your family. I guess that I don’t need that though, since it is justr me, and surprisingly I am completely uninjured. I watched as more and more people drove up our street, not noticing the little girl crying in her front yard, obviously alone. Another thing I learned in Science call was that you ALWAYS had to stay at your meeting place until emergency workers told you that you could evacuate. I stayed put until I saw a tiny police car cruising up and down the street. It stopped in front of my house and rolled down it’s tinted windows,

“Honey, where are your parents?” A man in a police uniform asked me.

“They, they died.” I sniffled, the tears rolling down my face like a rain storm.

“Please get in the car now, we need to evacuate, another earthquake might be coming our way momentarily.” He responded, a sad look in his eyes.

“Okay” I mumbled, hopping in the back seat.

We drove for hours that day and I was sent to live with my grandmother 200 miles from where I used to live, I miss my parents very much, and life will never be the same without them, but I did learn that earthquakes can cause great damage if your not careful and responsible.