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June 1st: ITS FRIDAY, FRIDAY… ;)


Mood Today: I am super SUPER tired today because I went to camp with a couple classes at school for two nights. I am so tired because the cabin I was in decided to stay up until 3 in the morning, which I was fine with then, but since it is about 4 pm now, I am regretting it. But I am pretty happy since I had a great time hanging out with my friends at camp!

 What You Did Today: Like I said, I came home from camp today and it was super fun. We had breakfast at camp, then cleaned up our cabins and were super quiet on the school bus back to our school because we were all so tired from staying up so late last night. Once I got home I just pretty much relaxed because I can barely do anything, but I refuse to have a nap because then once again, I won`t be able to fall asleep tonight.

What Nail Polish Am I Wearing: I feel really bad (not really xD) because I didn`t wear any nail polish today. You guys might wonder how that is even possible but yeah, I was kinda camping and going ziplining, rock climbing and canoeing aren`t exactly nail polish friendly activities. haha

 Favourite Song Of The Day: I don`t really have a favourite song today because I just have a group of songs that are my favourite today, so I will say that instead. ANYTHING SUNG BY GLEE IS MY FAVOURITE SONG OF THE DAY, because I was rewatching some of the episodes on season 1 and 2 (I have the whole first and second season on DVD) and yes, I got addicted again. So, I think I might buy tons of glee songs tonight and also just rewatch all the episodes and do an all nighter (smart huh;) )









Any News Or Fun Things To Tell You Guys: I`ve got nothing else to say to you guys, but have a great weekend and enjoy the first day o0f June! 🙂