October 16th 2012: I Haven’t Been On Forever!


Hey guys! I haven’t been on here forever, since summer was super busy I didn’t really have time for blogging but I am glad to be back on, since school is always a good thing to talk about on here, i wanted to give some tips on how to succeed this year in school!

I am in Grade 8 this year and that means I am in HIGH SCHOOL next year, which is insane, because in my head I still feel like I’m a third grader.. Anyways, in my mind, high school means you will have to be much more organized and prepared so you can succeed and actually enjoy school (yes it is possible!). The first tip I would like to give is STAY ORGANIZED! I can’t stress this enough. I love keeping organized and you should too, because not only does it make assignments much easier to find, you can use this skill when you are in a workplace or at a job. This may not apply to you but my teacher(s) like to do binder and planner checks, which literally forces you to organize your stuff or you get bad marks.. I keep my binder tidy by using dividers for all my subjects and i put all my papers in order from their dates (earliest are at the front and later ones come after..) I find this helps because in GHrade 6 I usually just showed everything where ever and I ended up losng papers, causing missing work and more time spent redoing papers that I knew I finished. I also keep my planner organized by writing in it daily and writing neatly; this obviously helps me because it helps me get my homework done. Another tip I have is STUDY STUDY STUDY, I have learned from experience that if you just “wing it” you will 90% of the time get a bad mark and 100% get a worse mark then if you were to study. I don’t really have anything else to say about that because it basicly speaks for itself! Oh! I recently had a Science test and I thought I was going to fail, until I realized there is a great way to study: QUO CARDS!




About egoossen

My name Is Emma Goossen and I am a regular preteen girl. I like nails, hair styles, friends and family! I have a huge thing about music, I love it! I am just a simple person, who gets VERY crazy at times :)

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