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My name Is Emma Goossen and I am a regular preteen girl. I like nails, hair styles, friends and family! I have a huge thing about music, I love it! I am just a simple person, who gets VERY crazy at times :)

October 16th 2012: I Haven’t Been On Forever!


Hey guys! I haven’t been on here forever, since summer was super busy I didn’t really have time for blogging but I am glad to be back on, since school is always a good thing to talk about on here, i wanted to give some tips on how to succeed this year in school!

I am in Grade 8 this year and that means I am in HIGH SCHOOL next year, which is insane, because in my head I still feel like I’m a third grader.. Anyways, in my mind, high school means you will have to be much more organized and prepared so you can succeed and actually enjoy school (yes it is possible!). The first tip I would like to give is STAY ORGANIZED! I can’t stress this enough. I love keeping organized and you should too, because not only does it make assignments much easier to find, you can use this skill when you are in a workplace or at a job. This may not apply to you but my teacher(s) like to do binder and planner checks, which literally forces you to organize your stuff or you get bad marks.. I keep my binder tidy by using dividers for all my subjects and i put all my papers in order from their dates (earliest are at the front and later ones come after..) I find this helps because in GHrade 6 I usually just showed everything where ever and I ended up losng papers, causing missing work and more time spent redoing papers that I knew I finished. I also keep my planner organized by writing in it daily and writing neatly; this obviously helps me because it helps me get my homework done. Another tip I have is STUDY STUDY STUDY, I have learned from experience that if you just “wing it” you will 90% of the time get a bad mark and 100% get a worse mark then if you were to study. I don’t really have anything else to say about that because it basicly speaks for itself! Oh! I recently had a Science test and I thought I was going to fail, until I realized there is a great way to study: QUO CARDS!




June 1st: ITS FRIDAY, FRIDAY… ;)


Mood Today: I am super SUPER tired today because I went to camp with a couple classes at school for two nights. I am so tired because the cabin I was in decided to stay up until 3 in the morning, which I was fine with then, but since it is about 4 pm now, I am regretting it. But I am pretty happy since I had a great time hanging out with my friends at camp!

 What You Did Today: Like I said, I came home from camp today and it was super fun. We had breakfast at camp, then cleaned up our cabins and were super quiet on the school bus back to our school because we were all so tired from staying up so late last night. Once I got home I just pretty much relaxed because I can barely do anything, but I refuse to have a nap because then once again, I won`t be able to fall asleep tonight.

What Nail Polish Am I Wearing: I feel really bad (not really xD) because I didn`t wear any nail polish today. You guys might wonder how that is even possible but yeah, I was kinda camping and going ziplining, rock climbing and canoeing aren`t exactly nail polish friendly activities. haha

 Favourite Song Of The Day: I don`t really have a favourite song today because I just have a group of songs that are my favourite today, so I will say that instead. ANYTHING SUNG BY GLEE IS MY FAVOURITE SONG OF THE DAY, because I was rewatching some of the episodes on season 1 and 2 (I have the whole first and second season on DVD) and yes, I got addicted again. So, I think I might buy tons of glee songs tonight and also just rewatch all the episodes and do an all nighter (smart huh;) )









Any News Or Fun Things To Tell You Guys: I`ve got nothing else to say to you guys, but have a great weekend and enjoy the first day o0f June! 🙂

Siesmic Story


All was still that night as I lay asleep. Suddenly, without warning, my bed began to gently rock back and forth as if it were on a rolling sea. I thought it was a dream. When I realized I was actually awake I screamed extremely loud, my heart pounding louder than the largest drum.

“Mom? Dad?” I yelled, every inch of me shaking.

There was no reply so I got up, hardly keeping my balance and went under the door way that lets you enter my room. I learned that in my Science class, plus, I needed to stay away from all windows, so the door was actually a pretty good place to be. All the sudden I heard a huge BANG and my precious bookshelf that once belonged to my mother broken, scattering books and items everywhere.

`MOM! DAD!`I screamed with all my might.

Tears welled up in my eyes when once again, they didn`t reply. I was worried that they might have gotten killed, but right now I have to worry about keeping myself alive. The shaking seemed to go on for hours, but once it settled down to a low hum, then no noise at all, I left the doorway and ran into my parent`s room. `As I reached for the doorknob I was very anxious to see what was behind it. I turned the doorknob and I screamed! Fire… IT`S A FIRE! I remember learning that one of the affects that were pretty common in earthquakes were the fires , but how did it start? My eyes raced across every burning item in the room, then I saw it, the large collection of candles my mom lights in the morning had all fell over in the disaster… And my parents were dead.

I had to get out of there but the emotions welled up inside of me and I fell to my knees. Crying hysterically. I’m all alone now, no father, no mother, I never did have any siblings… This was a terrible day so far and I had to get out before the fire started to spread to other parts of the house. I ran outside, relieved to be away from that mess, still crying. I picked up our hidden emergency kit, which everyone should use after an earthquake to help the other members of your family. I guess that I don’t need that though, since it is justr me, and surprisingly I am completely uninjured. I watched as more and more people drove up our street, not noticing the little girl crying in her front yard, obviously alone. Another thing I learned in Science call was that you ALWAYS had to stay at your meeting place until emergency workers told you that you could evacuate. I stayed put until I saw a tiny police car cruising up and down the street. It stopped in front of my house and rolled down it’s tinted windows,

“Honey, where are your parents?” A man in a police uniform asked me.

“They, they died.” I sniffled, the tears rolling down my face like a rain storm.

“Please get in the car now, we need to evacuate, another earthquake might be coming our way momentarily.” He responded, a sad look in his eyes.

“Okay” I mumbled, hopping in the back seat.

We drove for hours that day and I was sent to live with my grandmother 200 miles from where I used to live, I miss my parents very much, and life will never be the same without them, but I did learn that earthquakes can cause great damage if your not careful and responsible.

March 11th: Sunday Chillin’ , Spring Break Livin’ :)


Mood Today: Well, my mood today is happy and relaxed. I am happy because it is Sunday and for once I don’t have to worry about going to school tomorrow! That also means I finally get to have some SLEEP for once.. Ugh, I need it, with daylight savings and all. And the reason why I am relaxed is that I am just chillin in comfy yoga pants, typing and not having to worry about my brother getting on my nerves, since he is at his friend’s house!! YIPPE! We just got Netflix on Friday so I might watch a movie tonight, which will be very, very nice:)

 What You Did Today: Today was pretty nice actually (even though it is only like 4:45 so I still have some day left) . This morning I woke up and got ready (I CURLED MY HAIR USING A HEADBAND!! YES, THAT WILL BE BELOW <3) After getting some breakfast into me, I just chilled around the house, until my aunt and her boyfriend picked my brother and I up so we could go out for lunch. We went to Red Robins and their garden burger is my new favourite out of the many I have tried. The lunch was amazing (like I just said) and when we got home I worked on reorganizing my room (we just painted it) and then painted my nails! The nails took forever and you will learn why on the next topic… Anyway, that was pretty much what I did today and overall, not too shabby in my books!

What Nail Polish Am I Wearing: Okay, so today I did the “Rainbow Crackle Nails”. Here is a link on how to do them,, and there are eight colours that I used in all. I will list them off here (I will post a picture of them too… well, maybe…) So here is the list of the colours I used for this design:

White On By: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear **This is just a white so I am not posting a pic**

Fushia Power By: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

Mellow Yellow By: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

Mandarine By: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

Ruby Ruby By: Sinful Colours

Green By: L.A Colours Color Craze (Doesn’t have a name, but it is a green)

Blue Me Away By: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

Let’s Talk By: Sinful Colours

Ink Splatter By: Sally Hansen (This was my Crackle Overcoat)

My results!! This is a photo taken by an IPod, so not high quality at all, but in real life they look 10 million times better than this blurry pic. Just wanted you guys to see it:)












Favourite Song Of The Day: I think my favourite song of the day would have to be “Cough Syrup” By: Glee Cast (Blaine) . I have listened to it 24/7 since I bought it a little while ago!

Any News Or Fun Things To Tell You Guys: As I said above, in the “What I Did Today” section, I told you guys that I curled my hair with a headband. I will probably not explain this very well so I am just going to put the link here: so you can actually see how it works. 🙂

This is what the curls turned out like! I did use a curling iron a tiny bit for the back of my hair, because some small pieces fell out. But other than that, this is all created by wet hair and a headband! I can't wait to do this again, maybe even tonight! 🙂


Have a great night everybody, and enjoy your spring break! ❤ COMMENT BELOW IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS!

February 21st 2012: Glee Tuesday :)


Mood Today: Hmmm, my mood today is pretty much bored and happy 😀 You guys can always comment below what your feeling, I would love to hear whats new with you guys. I also am feeling very giggly because I have the greatest friends EVER! They are the greatest things that have ever happened to me, even though my bestest friend of all recently moved across canada .___.

What You Did Today: Well, I went to school today, where I had a major math test, like I told you guys yesterday, and I really think I did well! I didn’t even study but the thing was pretty much simple questions that were no brainers… What do you guys feel about math tests? What is your favourite subject? Anyway, I also went to my grandparents house and we had supper there. My granny and I always look on Pinterest and I really had a great time just chilling and hanging out. Oh, and I also wanted to say that I HATE ART SO SO SO SO SO MUCH BECAUSE WE HAD TO DO 3D OBJECTS AND I HATED IT!!!

What Nail Polish Am I Wearing: Right now I am wearing “Lets Talk” By: Sinful Colours. This is a really nice purple and I just randomly painted it on when I was watching the Bachler last night.. AND I ALSO HATE COURTNEY FROM THE BACHLOR WHICH BEN THINKS IS A TOTAL SWEETHEART WHEN SHE IS EVIL I TELL YOU, E.V.I.L!!! Anyway, I really like the colour and in the USA it is only $1.99 per bottle!! 🙂








Favourite Song Of The Day: My favourite song of the day is “Stupid Girl” By: Nicki Minaj. It isn’t actually called that, but I really don’t want to have anyone think I swear, because I really don’t, really!! :3 This one is one that reminds me of my friend, Chloe because we used to rap it when we walked around the track at my school, freaking all the people out… hehe

Any News Or Fun Things To Tell You Guys: This little thing I wanted to share is a very yummy treat that I made in my school cooking class today! It is a great recipe that I really love, and you can also make them a desert treat, like a snack or a after dinner treat. I was thinking of making these for glee tonight, but I am too lazy;) So, here is the recipe for Breadstick Twist :


Butter                3 tbsp

Basil                    1/2 tsp

Minced Garlic  1/4 tsp


Flour                    1 cup

Whole Wheat Flour  2 tbsp

Parmesan Cheese     2 tbsp

Sugar                            2 tsp

Baking Powder          2 tsp

Milk                              1/2 cup

1. Preheat Oven to 400 F

2. Mix together butter, basil and garlic and then put it in the oven to heat.

3. Add milk and mix to form soft dough

4. Lightly flour the counter top and put contents on counter

5. Knead 10 times

6. Roll with a rolling pin, flip multiple times and cut into many small, even strips. Put the spread on after, leaving a bit left.

7. Twist strips and put in oven for 12 minutes

8. After the timer goes off  take out of the oven and put more spread overtop.



February 20th 2012: Happy Monday!


Hey everyone! I haven’t posted on this for a very long time, and I was thinking about cool daily things to do during school today. I was thinking that I should have a sort of format, so you know what I was doing, what song I have been listening to the most, what I am doing, and then just thoughts. I know it may sound a little robotic or whatever, but I am really excited to at least try it out. This is like, a draft on what sort of format I want to do, but please please PLEASE COMMENT on this post so I have some more ideas that you guys would like to hear about. So, here you go! 🙂

Mood Today: Happy and Mad (Happy because I am just, happy, and mad because people don’t know how to be nice -___-)

What You Did Today: Today I was really tired, and I didn’t really do that much, other than have another fun fun day of school 😉 . I did some math studying, gym, reading, learning more about egypt, had lunch, watched the BORINGEST movie about searching things on the computer (it was an hour long pretty much just talking about how to type something in a search bar….) Then we did some french stuff, I walked home in the beautiful wind! I love wind so much, it is so pretty and it actually felt like spring today! After I got home I had something to eat, and then here I am, telling you guys what I am doing. Later today we are taking my bro to gymnastics and doing some shopping. I have to study for a HUGE math test that is tomorrow. I will probably just wing it, other than the vocabulary that we always get :(…

What Nail Polish Am I Wearing: I know this is sort of a random thing to have on the daily format thingy, but I really love nail polish and I want to change it everyday now, so this is why we are having this little section so I can tell you guys! I also really want to have this because some people (like me) want to hear that it is an awesome colour from somewhere else before they buy it, so I am going to do this section 🙂

So, the one I am wearing today is called, “Blue My Mind” By: OPI. I really like this colour, and it matched a colour on my shirt that I am wearing! It is a really cute colour. $10.00 in Canada 🙂







Favourite Song Of The Day: Safe and Sound By: Taylor Swift is my favourite today, because I am ADDICTED to the hunger games series (i’m on the third book now) and I really think it is a sad song if you know the story. I love Taylor’s voice, and I also suggest you try out the Hunger Games book, ten million times better than twilight 🙂

Any News Or Fun Things To Tell You Guys:

Well, I am working on a speech for class about Animal Abuse and Animal Cruelty Around The World. You may be thinking that me telling you this is pointless, but I have a job for anyone who reads this post:

Please go to  and look at what you can do with their organization. PETA is a great website, which exposes animal abuse, underground cameras at slaughterhouses or where animals are illegaly being abused and try to find help, using the help from the readers mostly. I would like to warn anyone who visits this site, it may disturb some people, so visit at your own expense. thanks!

Okay! So I really like this idea of doing this fomat thing daily! Please comment about what you think ❤ Hope your having a great Monday, and don’t forget to check out 🙂

Being Vegetarian: Foods You Should Eat


Being vegetarian is something I love, but I need to make sure I get enough protien, iron, and other nutrients that are in meats. I have done some research and there are many foods that give me TONS of iron and protien… Here is a list of some:

1. Nuts (Things like almonds, peanuts, cashews.. all these have many form of protien.)

2. Lentils

3. Spinach (Very high in iron)

4. Tofu

5. Any soy product

6. Egg yoks


8. Peanut butter

9.  Grains

10. Leafy greens (lettuce)

11. Seaweed

12. Dried Fruit

13. Citrus fruits

14. Melons

15. Strawberries

16. Apples

17. Hummus

18. Seeds

These are just some.. As you can see, anyone can be a healthy vegetarian if they know what foods to eat! More to come soon! 🙂

Here is also a food guide pyramid of how many servings of each section of the food pyramid a vegetarian should eat! This is VERY helpful 🙂