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The Environment: Keep it Green!


I have very strong thoughts about the environment, and how people are very careless about how they treat it. Recently I have seen many things that have made me very angry around the school. To start, whenever I am walking around at luch time, there are many pieces of garabage all over the place! I think this is insane because we have people everyday being punished by picking up garabage, but should it really be something you need to be punished to do? I don’t think so because keeping the earth clean isn’t a chore, it is what we have to do, what we are RESPONSIBLE for. This is our home, where we will live for the rest of our life’s. I think that we should be able to  do “garbage duty” for bonus HCE marks. I think this is sensible because we can help the world, and not even really be rewarded. I think that if people would be doing this they would want to do it for the changing the world part, rather than the bonus marks. I hope everyone would at least consider this, because 30 minutes picking up garbage can really make a difference, especially if there are lots of people working together. Imagine if Mrs. Heitz class and our class all made groups and used our 30 minute DPA block to pick up garbage??? I know it’s cold, but the litter at the school is insane! Don’t you think its time us, students, step up to the plate and do what we should really do? Make the world a better place, and try to help others rather than themselves! Isn’t that what life is about? I do..


Work together to make the world healthy again.


Changing The World: Isn’t It Time We Did Something??


All the news broadcasters, television ads, and newspaper articles say we need to make this world a better place: make the environment cleaner, feed the hungry, get people off the streets, donate to people in need, TAKE TIME OUT OF YOUR DAY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! These are all things I have been thinking about, and mostly I think one thing about this: We do need to do something! We come home, from school, get something to eat, watch TV, call a friend, drink some water, go for a walk, do homework…. All the words I bolded are things not everyone has in this world. Some people go to bed hungry, some children grow up with no education, others can’t even find fresh water to drink! Don’t you think its time to stop wasting what we have and try to give to the people who have never experienced some of the things we take for granted everyday?? I do!

Lately I have been wanting to do something for the community, something that will make an impact on the world! And I keep thinking about this everyday.. I think about what I have, and how I can use those things to give back to some people who don’t. None of this thinking would come to my mind without my teacher, Mrs. Wassen, who constantly teaches the gifted program I am in, how to make a change, and how to work hard to do something that will make a difference. Last year, she taught our class How To Change The World in baby steps. Fist help something local, then think of how you can spread that across the province, then across all of Canada, then start thinking about North America, then larger and larger until people in Africa are being impacted.. What a thought huh? It really makes me feel eager to make a change, to do something good for the world. I feel bad if I wake up, go through my day, and go back to bed that night without feeling that I accomplished anything that will make even the smallest difference in the school, my home, or my town..

Anyway, in  the gifted class, my friend Hannah and I were asked to do a project (which all the students were assigned) where you pick an organization and find out how you can help it, and how they make the world/community a better place. We decided to do Canuck Place, and we were very happy to learn you can do many fundraisers to help go towards helping the kids in the hospice (thats what it is: a children’s hospice), and to build a new extension in Abbotsford, so then there can be two Canuck Place locations where children can feel safe, and happy. I really like this idea because some of the older kids may even be my age, and I love being a kid, and to think that some kids don’t get to live life to the fullest, it makes me sad. That is one of the reasons why we chose this organization, because it is giving back to people we may be able to relate to, or at least imagine how their lifes are compared to ours.

One more foundation I want to completely over load with donations is our communtiy’s food bank. I mean come on! 4 more weeks till Christmas, and some people will go to bed hungry, no gifts, no family gathering, NOTHING! This is a terrible thought but sadly it is true. I really want to use all my left over Christmas money to buy donations to the food bank. This is very important to me, because I am ver grateful for what I have, my family, food, shelter, and I just want to give people a little glimpse of what that looks like, nothing much, just a bowl of soup and a smile . Something my school is doing also is doing a toy drive from the BCCH (British Columbia Children’s Hospital) so that the kids that have to spend Christmas Day in the hospital can have some toys to play with! I really think that is important because everyone deserves a gift on Christmas, no matter who they are, or what they have done.

So please think about this, and also thinka bout what YOU can do to change the world. Don’t just sit around, and think about how your life is hard, because somewhere out there, someone is having a really hard time, starving, freezing, or just being very lonely.. So do what you can, do the best you can, and do ALL you can! ❤ Because anyone can make a difference if they put effort into it


The Food Bank: What I Think Our School Can Do!


Christmas is rapidly approaching and there are many things that our school can do. One of the best things I think we could all do that really, is quite simple, but creates a huge impact to this one foundation in Abbotsford: The Food Bank 🙂

I think we should help the Food Bank because it is a very good cause, and I know just how! Many high schools do this but I don’t think it is that hard. What we would do is make flyers that we can put in mailboxes that say that our school is wanting to support the Food Bank this holiday and if at a certain date, they would gather all the canned food items they don’t really need and when we go door to door we would collect them!! I think this is a great idea because many of us have friends that live in the neighbourhood that are in the school, making it even easier to collect cans and get the message well 🙂 . This is just the start to my idea, because this part is relying on the neighborhhod, while we are very capible. I think that we could do some foundraisers at our school like a Bake Sale or selling such things like Cnady Canes. With the money we could buy more cans, and we can have a donation boz at the front door!! Something that may get people to be more enthusiastic about the fundraiser is we could have classroom, or house colour competitions to see what house/class brings the most cans! I think that would be exicting for the students, including me, because it will be points for our house, which we always want!! 🙂 Please consider this Mrs. Wassen, I think this is one way we can change the world on a school level! 🙂

We Could Raise Money And Get Canned Foods!

The World: How I Can Make It A Better Place.


Everyone wants to make a difference in the world, including me! What if there was no such thing as a “bad day” or a “world disaster”? I think this is possible and that even though we are kids, we can help make the world a little brighter and easier to enjoy.

The first way I can make a difference in this world is by being positive rather than being negative and not fun to be around. Even if this doesn’t help people around you (which it should) it makes you, yourself, feel better and maybe make your day better. For example, if everyone is grumpy because the Canucks didn’t win the Stanley Cup, you can find something good about the situation. You could say that they still got really far in the playoffs or maybe “Better luck next time!” All these little comments can make people feel better or think in a positive way about a disappointing situation.

Be Positive!

The second way I can make the world a better place is by using the virtue of giving. We may feel life can sometimes be difficult or unfair but many people really don’t have enough to live. There are homeless people for example that would appreciate anything at all to help them stay dry or less starved. An example of a time I did this was when Christmas was just around the corner. I had saved lots of money from babysitting and allowance that really, I didn’t need when Christmas gifts were so close. I decided I would spend more than half of my savings on canned foods to donate to the food bank. I felt really good that I was giving back to people who really needed it. I got praised for doing this but I didn’t want any of it, I just wanted to make sure many people got a Christmas dinner. As you can tell, anyone can make a change, big or small.

Give To The Hungry And Homeless!

The last way I can make a difference is by recycling. I think this can help the physical environment because it can prevent bottles going into the oceans, dumps and forest lands. I think this is the most important form of changing the world because it impacts everyone from homeless people to everyday students such as myself. Recycling is also something that everyone can do because it doesn’t take any skill AT ALL and it has a big effect on our earth! Some ways you can recycle is by sending empty juice boxes and pop cans to the Bottle Depot so they can be turned into other helpful things such as toilet paper or even more juice boxes! I think this is very amazing because not only do you get rid of harmful things for the environment but also changing these things into more materials to help the environment on a completely other level. An example of what can happen if you don’t recycle is little sea turtles can think that the colourful labels of your not recycled juice box are small fish that they eat to survive. Overall, they end up dying because they try to eat the container and choke or they could digest it and get poisons into their blood stream or digestive system! This is preventable by recycling and I really think that we can all make a difference by doing this small activity daily.

Reduce Reuse RECYCLE!

The Holocaust: How WE Can Prevent It From Happening Again.


Definition For “The Holocaust”: The systematic mass slaughter of European Jews in Nazi concentration camps during World War II**

The Holocaust was a terrible thing. Something that killed millions, scarred families and was basically a form of hate on such a large level that it is almost unthinkable. Ever think that this is something that if repeated right now, you could never prevent or stop? Do you feel that this is the one thing that would stop you from freedom and living?! Let me tell you right now, it doesn’t have to be like that. If the Holocaust happened again, right now, I would be more prepared than I was before I learned about it! We, children, are the people who can stop this disaster from happening again! I know it may sound crazy but it is really true! The first way we can prevent something similar to the Holocaust from happening again is to stand up for what we believe in whenever necessary! Being bullied? Being picked last for a game in gym? Getting blamed for something you did not commit? In all these situations and many more you need to say, “No.” or say everything you are feeling then and there! If anyone takes control of you or is treating you unfairly you can’t just back away and let it escalate, become worse and turn into something that after time, nobody can deal with! I think this has to relate to the Holocaust because didn’t all the Jewish do the exact opposite? Because Hitler was so powerful they were afraid (rightfully so) and let it continue because they knew the consequences could lead to death. When you speak your opinion right when a problem is beginning, it can stop it right away or give whoever is doing the bad thing an idea that “Hey, this person is serious.” I think that if all the people in the class do this and follow this rule they are al closer to stopping bad things from happening and technically making sure that problems don’t build up to such terrible things like the Holocaust! The second way I think we, Grade 6 students, can stop a terrible thing like the Holocaust from happening is to never in a million years be racist. I truly hate all people who treat others differently because of their beliefs, religion, race or skin colour! I think it is an unfair way to treat the human race and that nobody should do it. Ever. Don’t you think that we all have the right to be treated the same as everyone else? I do. I also think that Hitler was a major racist. When this was happening he said that Germans were the ultimate race (a lie) and this meant that the “enemies” were the Jewish citizens. This racism wasn’t just the small things that may happen in middle schools as we all know. It makes me sad just to think that this even happened. I really don’t like it 😦 I hope we have all learned from this sad story (for example, Hana’s Suitcase) that this was not a fair way of living for all the Jewish citizens!!  The last way we can make a difference even in a small way if anything like the Holocaust happens in the future is we can care about other’s feelings and be positive to everyone, no matter what! I think that this is key in stopping something like the Holocaust because there are more good people in the world than bad. What I mean by this is do you think that if the majority of the world was positive, smiled and were polite that we would have a huge world crisis powered by hundreds of thousands of evil, negative, frowning people? I don’t think so! All of us can make a difference just by being ourselves because I know every single one of you has it in you to smile, laugh and enjoy life! That brings up another point that is very good. Do you think that the Jewish were all sad near the end of their life’s? Yes! But I think they would try to cherish every moment they still had, even if they were in Auschwitz because they were still breathing and happiness may be the only thing they had left! This is a sad thought but it also it shows how powerful happiness and smiles are! I know that I already talked about this smiling thing but I think it is so important!! 😀 So next time something reminds you of the Holocaust in the real world, please use these three tips: Stand up for yourself, DON’T BE RASCIST and also cherish every moment you have because you never know how long they will last!

RIP Jewish Citizens Who Died In The Holocaust

**= Definition of “Holocaust” from

Smiling: Why it Can Make Someone’s Day! :)


Smiling means a different thing to many people. What you do when a camera is around.. Something you hate to do because you have braces… What your friends make you do.. The possibilities are endless. But to me, smiling is a sign of joy and showing that you care. I also think that if you smile, you can make someones day or help them cheer others up as well! The first way smiling can help someone have a better day is if someone is having a bad day or is shy, they like to have others smile to let them know that your approachable and you are willing to talk to them about what they are feeling. If you look at this the other way, it supports what I am trying to say about smiling. Lets say that you were having a bad day because your cat died… You walk into the school and someone glares at you, r even gives you a mean look then walks away. Is that someone that you really want to talk to or even be around at anytime?! I don’t think so because when someone smiles it shows their personality and maybe that they are an outgoing, happy person! The second way smiling may make someones day is if someone is if someone is grumpy and another person smiles at them, they could be happy and get the good vibes, pass it on to another person and the happy chain begins! I don’t think that if you are a grump all the time and never pass on the happy you will be happy with you life, if that makes sense? I feel that when you smile, everything bad doesn’t just POOF away and never come back, but it can prevent people from getting in bad moods and causing negative energy, which then can cause fights and anger! The last way smiling can help the human race is it can make people think twice about what their doing. This may seem strange to you but once you read the following example, you will probably agree! OK, so you know the times when your parents say, “I’m so proud of you. Your such a great kid!”? Well what would you do if your parents said this to you with a big smile on their face right before you were going to secretly skip school? It is basically guilt and it does change children’s decisions because it makes them feel bad and want their parents to be proud of them! When you smile at someone who was about to rob a bank, they may think, “Hey! I used to be that cheery person! I should stop this and go o with having a happy, non criminal lifestyle!!” It may not come to that extreme but I do believe that this can help! 🙂

So next time your having a bad day or see someone who is not in a good mood, Smile!!! And see what happens.. (:

Hate: Why We Should Ban This Word For Good!


I hate potatoes, I hate cleaning, I hate the rain… Is this really what we want to come across like? Insensitive, hurtful and not happy about all the great things that we take for granted? I really think that schools and families should take the challenge to ban the word “Hate” from classrooms and households!

The  reason I think all people should stop saying the word “Hate” is because it is a word that many terrible things were based on. I don’t think we ever really think about how strong a word is or what it can make us as a person or community look like. I really think that hate is such a bad word because it was technically the word that was the base of The Holocaust! You may be thinking that this is not true but really it it! When Hitler decided Germans were the perfect race he settled for nothing but perfection. If you think killing millions of innocent people isn’t based on Hate than I don’t know what it is about! Now when you think about it is saying, “I hate this shoe!” if you trip on it really necessary?! Hate is such a strong word and when it is used for something so small and harmless, it is almost crazy to say it instead of saying something like, “I wish I didn’t leave my shoe there!” Anything that prevents the word Hate can help our earth just a little more to become more peaceful and friendly.

This may seem a bit crazy to you but I have one challenge for all of my classmates: Try not to say “I hate….” for a full week and see how you do! I would love to see how you all do and please comment to say how you have done or the trobles you have been having with it! (PS: If you say hate, just say, “Oops, I mean I dislike this….” I have been doing this for about a week now as well and it has been quite a challenge but I feel better about the words that come out of my mouth now that I have done so! Good Luck!!

Get Rid Of Hate!