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Siesmic Story


All was still that night as I lay asleep. Suddenly, without warning, my bed began to gently rock back and forth as if it were on a rolling sea. I thought it was a dream. When I realized I was actually awake I screamed extremely loud, my heart pounding louder than the largest drum.

“Mom? Dad?” I yelled, every inch of me shaking.

There was no reply so I got up, hardly keeping my balance and went under the door way that lets you enter my room. I learned that in my Science class, plus, I needed to stay away from all windows, so the door was actually a pretty good place to be. All the sudden I heard a huge BANG and my precious bookshelf that once belonged to my mother broken, scattering books and items everywhere.

`MOM! DAD!`I screamed with all my might.

Tears welled up in my eyes when once again, they didn`t reply. I was worried that they might have gotten killed, but right now I have to worry about keeping myself alive. The shaking seemed to go on for hours, but once it settled down to a low hum, then no noise at all, I left the doorway and ran into my parent`s room. `As I reached for the doorknob I was very anxious to see what was behind it. I turned the doorknob and I screamed! Fire… IT`S A FIRE! I remember learning that one of the affects that were pretty common in earthquakes were the fires , but how did it start? My eyes raced across every burning item in the room, then I saw it, the large collection of candles my mom lights in the morning had all fell over in the disaster… And my parents were dead.

I had to get out of there but the emotions welled up inside of me and I fell to my knees. Crying hysterically. I’m all alone now, no father, no mother, I never did have any siblings… This was a terrible day so far and I had to get out before the fire started to spread to other parts of the house. I ran outside, relieved to be away from that mess, still crying. I picked up our hidden emergency kit, which everyone should use after an earthquake to help the other members of your family. I guess that I don’t need that though, since it is justr me, and surprisingly I am completely uninjured. I watched as more and more people drove up our street, not noticing the little girl crying in her front yard, obviously alone. Another thing I learned in Science call was that you ALWAYS had to stay at your meeting place until emergency workers told you that you could evacuate. I stayed put until I saw a tiny police car cruising up and down the street. It stopped in front of my house and rolled down it’s tinted windows,

“Honey, where are your parents?” A man in a police uniform asked me.

“They, they died.” I sniffled, the tears rolling down my face like a rain storm.

“Please get in the car now, we need to evacuate, another earthquake might be coming our way momentarily.” He responded, a sad look in his eyes.

“Okay” I mumbled, hopping in the back seat.

We drove for hours that day and I was sent to live with my grandmother 200 miles from where I used to live, I miss my parents very much, and life will never be the same without them, but I did learn that earthquakes can cause great damage if your not careful and responsible.


Dandily Region Chapter 2: The Escape


As the 5 removed mistakes darted out of the opening, my heart was pounding faster than the sirens were as they screeched through the hall’s speakers. I had one more second to panic, then the real task came before me: escaping my prisioners before their knife sharp nails dig through my skin like an earthworm escaping a flood.

“My plan is simple. Get the super choppers on the roof and have their blades spinning through the air, ready for take-off by the time I get there!” I rambled into the speaker, making sure my feet kept moving as I spoke.

“Their here now. Hurry!” A correspondent yelled, I could tell they were nervous to be giving I, the creater of this whole thing, orders.

The elevator looked like it was still miles away. I didn’t have time to lose, my killing machines running closley behind me were a fantastic reminder. I finally reached the elevator and it was already programmed to jet up to the roof faster than light. Once I reached the top I jumped out, the wind from the chopper’s blades blew my short black hair in a thousand directions. I still couldn’t believe that I was being removed from my own creation! Now I am forced to stay in the wild, home to many unknown species I would rather not discover.

The chopper flew at a slow speed, passing over the tall green oak trees slowly enough that I could begin to count them. The season was finally starting to show on the leaves, the tops of the trees were totally green, but as I looked down the sides of the lower parts of the trees were shades of light yellow and orange.

“Can we speed this thing up? I didn’t ask for a liesurly fly over the forest!!” I remarked, hoping I could knock some sense into the flight captain.

“No can do Miss! Our tank is running low on gas and if we go any faster the whole chopper will start diving into all of those trees!” The captain replied, a pinch of annoyance in his voice.

I was silent for the rest of the ride, letting myself plan for the long day ahead in the wild. I was thinking about which tree would be best to climb, not wanting to waste more than I have to of shoe slime.

The chopper landed and I found myself in a large empty space with a hundred ugly, dead trees. I was about to go back into the chopper and demand of a better location, but before I knew it he was gone, leaving me alone in a terrible location, for who knows how long!! I was guessing these next few days were going to be painfully long, and even more grusome than being ripped apart by a million furious removed mistakes!!

This is what she was in at the end of the story.

Pierre And Manuel: Dialogue


As Pierre walked down the street, though the blurrs of his tears he could see a faded outline of a young boy, he was probably curiously looking at him, wondering why a grown man was wobbling down the street crying like a child.

“Can I help you?” Pierre called out, hoping the young, strong looking figure would come closer.

“Yes,” the young boy replied, “why are you crying like that?”

Pierre wondered why a complete stranger was asking him such a personal question, but he needed someone to talk to, so her replied.

“Well,” Pierre started nervously, “my best friend just died. He was the one living thing, other than myself, that knew my most important secret.”

“I am so sorry for your loss.” Manuel whispered. ” If I may ask, what was your secret?”

Pierre paused for a moment. This young boy seemed trustworthy, there is really no harm in telling him.

“I am blind. I can only see you as a blurry shadow, nothing more. You can say my whole world is just a grey faded darkness, a darkness I will never be able to brighten.” Pierre revealed, a feeling of relif flowed over him.

“So you didn’t tell anyone?” Manuel questioned.

“Not a soul, other than you and Joesph. Do you have a secret?” Pierre asked, hoping Manuel could relate to himself at all.

“Well, I just participated in my school’s talent show.” Manuel began. “My record stopped out of nowhere. Everyone cheered, but I was stunned I didn’t have to reveal my mistake!”

Pierre thought about what Manuel had just told him. What type of advice could he possibly give this young boy?

“That is quite an amazing story. But lying is never the best thing to do. I guess we are both liars. Next time anything like that happens, think of me, how I am in so much pain because of my lies. Maybe that will modivate you to do better.” Pierre advised, looking Manuel in the eyes even though he could barely see.

“Thank you.” Manuel announced. “But you are more an inspiration. You shoot for the stars even though you can’t see them.”

“Manuel, that is the nicest thing anyone has said to me!” Pierre exclaimed, a smile slowly grew on his face.

“I’m glad. Would you like me to walk you home? There is a cafe right down the street, I could buy you a coffee with the money in my pocket” Manuel stated, eagerly looking at the wise man.

“Thank you for the offer.” Pierre began. “But I am just fine walking home alone.

Manuel’s feelings were hurt, he SO badly wanted to become best friends with Pierre.

“But I want to! My treat, I swear!” Manuel insisted, a feeling of rage flowing through him.

“I said no! Thank you, but no thank you. Don’t try to pressure me! Please!” Pierre exclaimed, his voice loud and serious.

“Fine.” Manuel mumbled, sitting down slowly onto a cold piece of wood sticking out of the snow.

“I apologize for upsetting you.” Pierre stated. “I really must be going anyway.”

“Well, that’s too bad.” Manuel moaned. “Let’s do this again very soon.”

“For sure, I promise.” Pierre replied sincerely.

Pierre began hobbling down the dark street once again, thinking of his new friend, Manuel.

Pierre had so many thought swirling though his head. So many that he didn’t notice a large truck speeding closer and closer.

“You are a great friend Manuel!” Pierre called out.

Right after those words slipped through his lips the truck hit him, and changed the town of Old Montreal, and Manuel forever.

The days went by slowly for Manuel after the death of Pierre. Everything seemed gloomy and dull. Maybe this is how the world looked to Pierre…

But Manuel would never forget that Pierre expected him to never lie, and always tell the truth. And he did!

Dandily Region Chapter One: Removed Mistakes


“Welcome back Miss Strenge, your next victim is this way.”, my best friend and partner in crime Valerie said, gesturing me to a large metal door.

“Thank you. Tell the rest to patiently wait, or there will be punishments.” I replied, opening the vault-like door, my eyes meeting the shivering girl’s eyes.

I closed the door and sat down in my soft, leather chair, getting ready to yet again, change a Dandily Region Citizen into one of my, what I like to call them, “helper monsters”.

“So, are you ready?” I asked, inching towards the young girl slowly.

“Do I have an option?” she said, knowing what the answer was by looking in my bright green eyes.

Right after these words left her quivering lips, I began to do what I do best. I put the needle into her wrist and she screamed with pain. I smiled, not because I wanted her to be in pain, but because that terrible scream that escaped her mouth showed me it was working. A few minutes after having the needle sitting in her skin, her eyes were changing from brown to bright emerald green.. Her hair also slowly decreased in length and changed almost instantly from blonde to dark black. It was like looking in a mirror but something was wrong.. Her teeth were still rounded, not the sharp pointed wolf teeth all her victims needed. “Code Red, her teeth aren’t changing.. She has to be removed.” I messaged through a telepathic messaging system.

“Ok Miss Stenge, can you take her? My hands are full.” Valerie responded with uneven breathes, she must have been running somewhere..

“For sure.” I said out loud for the mistake to hear.

I pounced from my chair, ripped the needle from the girl’s wrist and threw her over my rock hard shoulder. My creations, including me, have incredibly fast reflexes, not to mention high running speeds.The girl was screaming, but nobody could hear her because, of course, I turned her external volume down to a 0, so she could hear herself, but no one else could.

When I reached the door labeled “Removing Room” , I opened it and threw the girl in with the rest of the misplaced mistakes. Right before I could close the door after taking a quick look at all the ones the didn’t belong, 5 extremely strong removed mistakes pounced at me, rage glowing in their mold- green eyes….

This is the book I am looking to for ideas..

The Dandily Region: Introduction


I decided that I want to write my own story on the blog as well! Sorry if I’m sort of copying Austin, but it shows that I think the idea is a really cool one that I would like to do as well. And trust me, my story has a different theme than Austin’s VERY well written story! Anyway, I am going to do it in parts like Austin has been doing it so there isn’t this huge blog post that would take me forever! So, here is the introduction I wrote for my story: The Dandily Region.

I walked into the  dark hallway. No air, no noise what so ever.. Just silence. Something I wasn’t used to. I have been part of a secret world for as long as I can remember. But what keeps me forever on my toes is no one knows. No one knows the monster I am inside, or what world fears me so much, that I struggle to enter without being attacked, and erased from the one place I have power over.. And that place is what I like to call the Dandily Region.

This Is The Hallway She Is Walking Down...

(Please Comment With Ideas For My Story!! Right after this, I will be posting Chapter 1 of this story, so please read it and comment so I can improve the story and my writing skills… Thanks! 🙂 )

Story Dress Up: My Ending


In Mrs. Heitz grammar class we had to add dress ups (such as strong verbs, adjectives and adverbs) to an unfinsihed story to make it more intereting to read, ad we also had to create an ending to the story (also putting dress ups into it). So here is mine:

As the boy’s feet smacked the mushy surface of the tall grass, the sky’s colouring shifted between bright pink and lime green.

“How could this be possible? We ARE on earth, aren’t we?”  The boy wondered to himself .    Right after these thoughts quickly flowed through his overwhelmed brain, an enormous spotted cat unexpectedly pounced in front of him. He let out a high-pitched scream and the next thing he knew, he was lying in his cozy bed, sweating like an overheated pig. It was all just a terrifying dream that was completely made up. next night, he won’t be eating 3 Kit Kat bars before dozing off to an unexpected horror movie.

This cat is much cuter than the one in my story!

Story Board Speech: Bruno Mars Concert


There we were. My best friend Jade and I were standing in Rogers Arena, literally shaking with excitement. The concert was about to begin, but not just any concert… A BRUNO MARS CONCERT!

“This can’t be happening!” Jade said in a loud, over excited voice.

I just nodded, because when Jade gets excited, she never calms down. We decided we needed some popcorn to get our nerves back in check. When we got to the concession stand we saw a huge line of girls shaking just as much as we were. As we got into line, I started to realize what was happening. We were in the same arena that Bruno Mars was in! We were breathing the SAME air! As you can see, I’m sort of obsessed. The lines length grew shorter and shorter until Jade and I were the only ones left.

“Two pop corns please.” I said so fast that it sounded like it was all one word.

I gave the man my money and just as a change hit the red surface of the counter top we heard it. Music from te stage erupted out of nowhere. And was almost instantly followed by a loud chorus of screams.

“We HAVE to go!” Jade shouted, pulling my arm so hard I thought it was going to come right out of the socket.

I let out a faint yelp, grabbed the popcorn and ran after Jade as fast as I possibly could. I was losing most of the popcorn.. But think about it! Bruno Mars or popcorn?!

“Jade! We still have to run half way across the arena before we get to our section. We’re never going to make it in time to see him walk on stage” I shouted to Jade, flailing even more of the overpriced popcorn onto the ground.

This angered Jade, so she pulled my arm AGAIN making the once hurting arm a piece of throbbing torn muscle. I started to look at the large black numbers over the entrance ways to the seating areas. We were still 50 or so sections away until we could see the one and only Bruno Mars! I could smell the salt and butter on our almost gone popcorn, wondering if this frantic run would ever stop.

“We’re almost there! I don’t think he’s walked on stage yet!” Jade cried, her voice muted by the high pitched screams within the doors.

“OK! I’m so excited!” I yelled out to her, gaining speed.

Section 330, Section 331 and SECTION 332! We exchanged huge grins and ran up the steep slope of stairs to our seating area. Once we reached the top we bot squealed louder than we ever had in our whole life’s! Bruno Mars was just walking on stage and we made it. So many thoughts were swirling though my head at that very moment but I only uttered 3 words that said it all……


We Weren't This Close But It Was Still Amazing!