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Changing The World: Isn’t It Time We Do Something??


All the news broadcasters, television ads, and newspaper articles say we need to make this world a better place: make the environment cleaner, feed the hungry, get people off the streets, donate to people in need, TAKE TIME OUT OF YOUR DAY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! These are all things I have been thinking about, and mostly I think one thing about this: We do need to do something! We come home, from school, get something to eat, watch TV, call a friend, drink some water, go for a walk, do homework…. All the words I bolded are things not everyone has in this world. Some people go to bed hungry, some children grow up with no education, others can’t even find fresh water to drink! Don’t you think its time to stop wasting what we have and try to give to the people who have never experienced some of the things we take for granted everyday?? I do!

Lately I have been wanting to do something for the community, something that will make an impact on the world! And I keep thinking about this everyday.. I think about what I have, and how I can use those things to give back to some people who don’t. None of this thinking would come to my mind without my teacher, Mrs. Wassen, who constantly teaches the gifted program I am in, how to make a change, and how to work hard to do something that will make a difference. Last year, she taught our class How To Change The World in baby steps. Fist help something local, then think of how you can spread that across the province, then across all of Canada, then start thinking about North America, then larger and larger until people in Africa are being impacted.. What a thought huh? It really makes me feel eager to make a change, to do something good for the world. I feel bad if I wake up, go through my day, and go back to bed that night without feeling that I accomplished anything that will make even the smallest difference in the school, my home, or my town..

Anyway, in  the gifted class, my friend Hannah and I were asked to do a project (which all the students were assigned) where you pick an organization and find out how you can help it, and how they make the world/community a better place. We decided to do Canuck Place, and we were very happy to learn you can do many fundraisers to help go towards helping the kids in the hospice (thats what it is: a children’s hospice), and to build a new extension in Abbotsford, so then there can be two Canuck Place locations where children can feel safe, and happy. I really like this idea because some of the older kids may even be my age, and I love being a kid, and to think that some kids don’t get to live life to the fullest, it makes me sad. That is one of the reasons why we chose this organization, because it is giving back to people we may be able to relate to, or at least imagine how their lifes are compared to ours.

One more foundation I want to completely over load with donations is our communtiy’s food bank. I mean come on! 4 more weeks till Christmas, and some people will go to bed hungry, no gifts, no family gathering, NOTHING! This is a terrible thought but sadly it is true. I really want to use all my left over Christmas money to buy donations to the food bank. This is very important to me, because I am ver grateful for what I have, my family, food, shelter, and I just want to give people a little glimpse of what that looks like, nothing much, just a bowl of soup and a smile :). Something my school is doing also is doing a toy drive from the BCCH (British Columbia Children’s Hospital) so that the kids that have to spend Christmas Day in the hospital can have some toys to play with! I really think that is important because everyone deserves a gift on Christmas, no matter who they are, or what they have done.

So please think about this, and also thinka bout what YOU can do to change the world. Don’t just sit around, and think about how your life is hard, because somewhere out there, someone is having a really hard time, starving, freezing, or just being very lonely.. So do what you can, do the best you can, and do ALL you can! ❤ Because anyone can make a difference if they put effort into it 🙂