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February 21st 2012: Glee Tuesday :)


Mood Today: Hmmm, my mood today is pretty much bored and happy 😀 You guys can always comment below what your feeling, I would love to hear whats new with you guys. I also am feeling very giggly because I have the greatest friends EVER! They are the greatest things that have ever happened to me, even though my bestest friend of all recently moved across canada .___.

What You Did Today: Well, I went to school today, where I had a major math test, like I told you guys yesterday, and I really think I did well! I didn’t even study but the thing was pretty much simple questions that were no brainers… What do you guys feel about math tests? What is your favourite subject? Anyway, I also went to my grandparents house and we had supper there. My granny and I always look on Pinterest and I really had a great time just chilling and hanging out. Oh, and I also wanted to say that I HATE ART SO SO SO SO SO MUCH BECAUSE WE HAD TO DO 3D OBJECTS AND I HATED IT!!!

What Nail Polish Am I Wearing: Right now I am wearing “Lets Talk” By: Sinful Colours. This is a really nice purple and I just randomly painted it on when I was watching the Bachler last night.. AND I ALSO HATE COURTNEY FROM THE BACHLOR WHICH BEN THINKS IS A TOTAL SWEETHEART WHEN SHE IS EVIL I TELL YOU, E.V.I.L!!! Anyway, I really like the colour and in the USA it is only $1.99 per bottle!! 🙂








Favourite Song Of The Day: My favourite song of the day is “Stupid Girl” By: Nicki Minaj. It isn’t actually called that, but I really don’t want to have anyone think I swear, because I really don’t, really!! :3 This one is one that reminds me of my friend, Chloe because we used to rap it when we walked around the track at my school, freaking all the people out… hehe

Any News Or Fun Things To Tell You Guys: This little thing I wanted to share is a very yummy treat that I made in my school cooking class today! It is a great recipe that I really love, and you can also make them a desert treat, like a snack or a after dinner treat. I was thinking of making these for glee tonight, but I am too lazy;) So, here is the recipe for Breadstick Twist :


Butter                3 tbsp

Basil                    1/2 tsp

Minced Garlic  1/4 tsp


Flour                    1 cup

Whole Wheat Flour  2 tbsp

Parmesan Cheese     2 tbsp

Sugar                            2 tsp

Baking Powder          2 tsp

Milk                              1/2 cup

1. Preheat Oven to 400 F

2. Mix together butter, basil and garlic and then put it in the oven to heat.

3. Add milk and mix to form soft dough

4. Lightly flour the counter top and put contents on counter

5. Knead 10 times

6. Roll with a rolling pin, flip multiple times and cut into many small, even strips. Put the spread on after, leaving a bit left.

7. Twist strips and put in oven for 12 minutes

8. After the timer goes off  take out of the oven and put more spread overtop.




No Heat Crimping: Overnight French Braids


Hey guys! So recently I have been watching more and more hair tutorials on how to do funky things without heat. I have found such things like:



This is a picture of the one sockbun i did

So, I did this and I was really excited, since it was the firstg hair thing I tried out. I sprayed my hair with water and put it up like it shows in the picture. Sadly, in the morning, all my hair turned out to be like was tangled and knots everywhere. This is NOT one I would recommend.

This is a picture of my end results

This method is thw best I have tried. I have a DIY post for this method in the DIY category. It is very, very, VERY easy, and it is super fun to do. I usually do this at least 1 time each week. I think everyone should try it, plus they hold all day!!!!

Sorry that it's upside down, but this is what mine turned out like 🙂

So, to start this off, you will have to have a shower. Well, when you have a shower, don’t blowdry your hair. I suggest that you let your hair air dry until it is not drenching your shirt..
After it is that dry, your going to be french braiding both sides of your hair, (you will split it in two, right behind your neck. This will insure even crimping.)
After that, try an elastic on the bottom of your hair (where ever your braid goes till) and sleep!!!
When you wake up **yawn** your going to take your braids out (if they aren’t completely dry, blowdry them until they are) and make sure NOT TO BRUSH IT, this will cause a big afro looking style, which is not the purpose xD
Here is a link on how to french braid, if you don’t know how to already:
ENJOY! (If you want maximum hold, spray a light dusting of hairspray over once you remove the braids in the morning)




OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH! Good morning everyone! I just discovered the greatest thing, EVER! This amazing this is how to curl your hair with…..socks! It may sound silly, but it is the greatest way to curl your hair without heat, I swear! Here are the steps to get amazing heatless curls overnight!:

Step 1:

The first step is to get socks. The longer and thicker your hair, the more socks you will need. I did mine in two layers but that is really uncomfortable to sleep in, so I suggest just doing one layer of socks..

Step 2:

The second step is do spray a small section of hair with water (I just use an empty body sprayer as a water sprayer). After your hair is DAMP, NOT DRIPPING, you are going to take the sock and place it at the half way mark of the section of hair.

Step 3:

The third step is to leave the end and curl it around the sock.. This is important because to get the perfect curl, you must curl the end at the right time (AKA the next step…)

Step 4:

The fourth step is to curl your hair around the sock, and while your doing this, start to curl the end around the sock. This is key to making the curls perfect.. I think that if you have more than the length of your middle finger of the end once you curl it all the way that you should re do it.

Step 5:

The fifth step is to tie a knot with the sock, so the two ends of the sock are going to tie together to make a knot, I suggest you do a very tight knot because you have to sleep in them, and you don’t want them to slip. And don’t worry about not being able to get them out, because they are really easy to untie in the morning! 



This is how my curls turned out!














Water Marble Nails!


This is a professional Water Marble, but this is what is should look like. 🙂

Hey guys! What a bad fall day we are having, dark and rainy… how lovely!! Anyway, everyone loves nail polish right?? I know I LOVE it. Here is an idea of really easy DIY nail design. This does take a bit of time and creativity, but trust me, it is worth it  🙂 (Please note that I DID NOT take the pictures I am posting on this particular post… So please remember that they are not mine, but the helpful instructions are!! 😉 )


What you will need:

-A medium sized plastic cup (preferably one you wouldn’t mind having damage!)

-Clear gift wrapping tape

-2+ nail colours (they don’t have to be the same brand or maker 🙂 )

-Distilled/Bottled Water that is room temperature (Tap water works too but it may not give the best results)

-A Sharpened Wood Pencil

-Paper Towels

Steps To Sucess! (And AWESOME Water Marble Nails!) :

Step 1:

Using the clear gift wrapping tape, take a piece and wrap it horizontally around your finger, right under the cubicle..After this, take a longer piece of tape and start putting it on vertically until you get to the top of your finger, then you are going to turn to the right and go over the skin behind the tips of your nail. Once your done this, go downwards until the bottom of this longer piece should connect with the part of shorter tape. Repeat this on all 10 fingers, this matters quite a bit, so if you think it isn’t good enough, do it again 🙂 . This is the first step. We do this so when you dip your finger into the polish, you don’t get it all over your finger, and it gives a nice finishing look.

Step 2:

Now you must prepare your nail polish and water! To do this, take your lightest colour choice and drop 1 drop into the water (which should be in the glass). You can tell if this project is going to work if the colour starts spreading. After it speads, do the same with the 2nd lightest, then the 3rd and so on. 5 colours are probably the most I would put in! Once you have done each colour once, repeat this step two more times! This will add more colour when you put it on your nails, and it adds more detail 🙂 PLEASE MAKE SURE THE COLOR SPREADS BEFORE YOU ADD THE NEXT ONE! 🙂

Step 3:

After all the colours have been added 3 times, you are going to take the sharpened pencil and make your design! You can do this by putting the tip directly on the surface and then dragging it across to the opposite side. Keep doing this from different angles from any place (you can do it from the middle, top, bottom, sides….)  Don’t do this step too many times because this can cause the different colours to blend too much…

Step 4:

Now it’s time to get painting! Or should I say dipping….. Now, I should probably tell you the disappointing news now.. You have to do Step 3 for every nail 0_o. I know, it sucks, but once you get going, you will get used to it. Anyway, what you need to do is VERY CAREFULLY dip your nail into the water. Keep it in for 5-10 seconds, then CAREFULLY pull it out again. Once this is done, take a look!! Once you have admired your first marble nail, take the pencil once again, and spin it around in the water. This will take all the old nail polish off the surface and you can then start again! Once you have got all the old polish, wipe the pencil on the paper towel to get it all off.

Step 5:

Once all 10 nails are marbled up, wait for them to dry. You want all your hard work to be saved, so PLEASE make sure they are 100% dry before doing this next thing. Well, once they are 100% dry, you can slowly peel off the tape. It works best if you take off the longer, vertical piece first, then take off the horizontal short piece second. Throw out the tape and paper towel and VWALA* you have marbled nails!!!


*I have no idea how to spell that word so just pretend that it is right.. SOUND IT OUT!!! 😉