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My Special Item: The Doll


I have many things in my room that I love very much but one thing definitely stands out above the rest: My doll.

When I was younger (about 5 or 6) my Great Grandma was in the hospital because she was getting very old and was extremely sick! A couple days after she was admitted into the hospital my mom, dad, brother and I drove out to White Rock to see her and see how she was doing. I don’t remember much about that day, but I do remember I was very happy to see my Great Grandma. When we got there I walked through the tall doors of the hospital and I was a little confused because I never really knew how sick my grandmother had become. We went up to her floor in an elevator and saw her. She was very weak and had many layers of blankets over her. I was a little scared at first to see my grandmother in this condition but I clued in that she was the same loving person I had known all my life, just a little sick and tired! We all sat down around my grandmother and talked, laughed and had a great time. My grandmother was getting tired so my parents thought it was best if we left. None of us wanted to go because we didn’t know what would happen next, if this was the last time we would see my Great Grandma.

But right when we were about to leave I was looking at a window, right under that window was a beautiful doll that was wearing a purple flowing dress. I could see it’s bright red hair resting against her shoulders and I thought it was the most amazing doll I had ever seen. Aimlessly walking, thinking I was still in my grandmother’s half of the hospital room, I ended up standing right in front of another patient. She was about the age of my grandmother and looked like she was in about the same condition. I said, “HI!” very loudly (since I was only in Kindergarten, I didn’t really know the meaning of “inside voices”.) And the old lady smiled a weak grin in return. I knew it wasn’t polite to take other people’s items, or even touch them without permission, but I wanted to see what her hair felt like. I caved and looked at the doll in-between glances at the lady that owned it. After awhile my Mom and Dad pulled me away from the doll to go home. I thought about it the rest of the drive back.

A few days later my Mom came into my room and in her hands was the beautiful doll from the hospital room. I jumped up and gave her a huge hug! I was so happy!! I asked how my Mom got it and she said that the old lady from the hospital wanted me to have it, so she gave it to my Great Grandfather to give to me! I said thank you and kept staring at the doll, pretty much in awe. At that moment, I think that I thought the lady that gave the doll to me was the best person ever!

The day after I got my doll, my mom gave me the news that the lady that gave the doll to me died in hospital the night before. I cried and wailed because she was so nice to give me her doll and now she was gone! I couldn’t imagine that I hadn’t even said anything but “HI!” to her. I was so sad.

The reason I think this doll is so important is because it reminds me of my grandmother, who died shortly after the lady that gave me the doll. I loved my grandmother so much and I didn’t want to let her go. The fact that I have this doll makes me so happy because anytime I see it I think of the day I saw my grandmother in hospital and what a great time we all had together, our last time together.

My Doll 🙂


Hana’s Suitcase: Prediction Story


Hana Brady was on her way. Hey short blond hair brushing against her face. Hana was an orphan, she became an orphan in 1931 when both her parents were killed by the Nazi’s in a concentration camp called Auschwitz. She was once living a happy life in Czechoslovakia before her and her family were sent away from everything they had known because they were Jewish. The thought of her family made Hana start to shed silent tears. Hana stood up and started her mission: Hana was running away. Running away from her death, her fear and the place she never wanted to see again. Hana got out her big, brown suitcase and packed her one jacket, a jug of room temperature water and her only friend, her teddy bear. It was the middle of the night, so nobody would see her climb over the metal fence that separated her from freedom. She ran out of her hut and headed toward to fence. Hana slowing lifted each foot off the ground and thought where she would go once she was free, “Anywhere but here” she mumbled to herself. The higher up the fence she went, the more fearless she felt. Hana was usually shy and to herself, but she couldn’t be like that anymore. She had to move on, be strong. As she reached the top she found herself smiling. No more being that little Jewish Girl that was next in line for her death. Hana was her own person now. Realizing this, Hana jumped off the top and waited for the landing. The moment she felt something under her she had a sense of relief, but the second she found out she hadn’t landed on the ground but in a mans arms made her scream, yell and kick. The man carried her back into her worst nightmare.. what she was trying to escape. Thoughts were flying through her young mind but it was too late. Hana no longer knew where she was, all she could see was a metal door closing behind her and the sheer darkness of the gas machine.

The End!

(What do you think will happen in “Hana’s Suitcase”?)