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Poem: My Favourite Place


Here is a poem I wrote for school. It is about the ocean, and even though I don’t live near it *AT ALL*, I still love visiting it every summer during my vacation. So, here it is! :

My favourite place,

The greatest place,

A place to run,

A place for fun,

Where the ocean is a second home,

Where the crabs cry because their all alone,

The beautiful sky was a hummingbird blue,

And the enourmous gulls sang a beautifly as they flew,

I walked through the razor sharp rocks,

Trying to reach the slippery docks,

The ocean sparkled like priceless diamonds,

I was so much more excited than my best friend Simon,

The water was ice as I jumped in,

An old, wise fish was trying to swim without a fin,

The magical sands carress my feet,

The beautiful coral makes my heart skip a beat,

As I come up for air,

I just like to stare,

At the fluffy clouds that appear to be,


The evening approaches quickly,

The stars leave shimmering reflections on the water,

The cool breeze whispers good-night,

But I will have no fright,

The shoreline is as dark as coal,

The rocks gigggling evil laughs as I fall,

All is well and all is right,

Because the stars give off fantasic light,

The next morning brings more fun,

With the waves banging as loud as a gun,

With the tidepools acting as happy as ever,

And the sky coloured as light as a feather,

All will be fine when I stay,

And I will NEVER. EVER,

go. away. ❤